Regardless of what side of the American political spectrum one may relate to, one thing remains certain, and that is that virtually everyone has some opinion about President Donald Trump. Those feelings are not usually gray nor ambiguous in any way, either. To put it mildly, Donald Trump tends to bring out either pure fury or American pride in much of the political world and as the Trump Train (sponsored by Bikers For Trump) rolled through Ohio, it was clear that the event was going to be much larger than many expected, thus adding to the jubilance which seemed to permeate among those in attendance at Malvern Park.

For those who may not know, the Trump Train events involve supporters of Donald Trump showing up in cars, RV's, trucks, and of course, motorcycles in support of the President. Flags drape proudly from trucks and the open carrying of firearms is anything but scarce. For this particular event, the Trump Train was to chug-chug through Malvern, Ohio, all the way to Massillon, something that was done by what may have been anywhere from 700-1000 cars vehicles once everyone got into place.

The Unity Bridge

Michiganite Rob Cortis, owner of what is now the infamous "Unity Bridge," has become a fixture a great number of Trump-related events. As Cortis tells Blasting News, the bridge used to be part of a separate business that was being conducted out of his home.

When he was told that he could not have a bridge in his yard, he decked the bridge out with wheels and continued conducting his wedding company.

All of that changed when Donald Trump erupted onto the political scene and Cortis furthered that the whole point of the bridge was to foster unity instead of hate when it comes to matters involving differing political views, something that has been an ever-growing problem in the US.

"We had a bunch of Black Lives Matter protesters at one of our Trump events," Cortis remembered. "At first, it looked like it was going to go down badly but we started playing The M A G A Song (a silly take on the Village People song, Y.M.C.A.) and doing our dance and before you knew it, the Black Lives Matter crowd was dancing with us."

Things have not always turned out so well, however, As the Unity Bridge curator also said, "the Unity Bridge was stolen from a hotel that we were staying at one night as we went in to pay for the room.

"It was on August 28 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the truck was stolen, crashed, and wrecked. I have never seen a hitch break where it did and you can see where we have had to tape up the lights on the truck that hauls it. We have dents all over and we have a GoFundMe set up to pay for repairs."

He added that parts of the lettering and extensive work that was done on the actual Unity Bridge itself was also severely damaged.

House member Reggie Stoltzfus (R-OH) stopped by and spoke in-depth about the importance of choosing between what he called the Trump economy "growing by leaps and bounds" and Biden's America. He also accused the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, of going on an "apology tour" when speaking about the US.

At one point, it was noted that for the first time in 200 years, the Amish in Ohio has chosen to openly support a candidate for President, and that man was Donald Trump. With Ohio being thought in some circles to be a close state and must-win for both Biden and Trump, the Amish backing could prove to be a gamechanger, at least if the vote is as close as 34,000. That is the number of Amish in Ohio, according to recent statistics.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that no US President has even won the White House without winning Ohio.

Disaster strikes as a shooting takes place

At one point during Stoltzfus' speech, he was interrupted with some haste - which is quite unusual when a House member is speaking - and those parked in a certain area behind the pavilion were asked to quickly move their cars.

One of the organizers of the "Trump Train," Doug Wright, informed the crowd that the reason for this was that one of the other organizers, a gentleman who had his house decked out in pro-Trump signs and "Honk For Trump" signs put out for the event had his home shot up by those who did not agree with his political message.

The cars had to move so that he could go and see what state his abode was left in post-shooting.

We caught up with Mr. Wright upon the completion of the "Trump Train" tour in Massillon, Ohio, and he elaborated on the attack. "What happened was, we were in the middle of our speaking and one of the guys who helped me set up the park [where the event was held], he's got about 15 signs in his yard - signs that say, Honk For Trump."

"It seems that a far-leftist decided that he didn't like it, so they just pulled up and opened fire, and then they left.

Of course, when the Sheriff got there, there was nobody there. Nobody was injured, everybody was, thank God, at the rally because it could have happened."

"They could have been home, and that's not good."

Thankfully, the rest of the event went off without much of a problem. There were some dissenters and naysayers along the route who voiced opposition (or offered the one-finger salute) to the "Trump Train" as it rolled in and out of town and cities but about 90 percent of the response was quite positive. Massillon, Ohio resident John Borzea said that that the traffic from the "Trump Train" reached downtown almost an hour before the rear of the "Train" did, thus speaking the size of the spectacle.

"It is huge, and it was downtown for quite some time."

In order to get around the problem of COVID-19 and numbers of the crowd being too large when in Massillon, the crowd was encouraged by those singing on the Unity Bridge to "buy something from one of the restaurants downtown here"

Those with the microphone added, "Not only does it help the business but we are, of course, encouraged to eat outside, so they won't be able to shoot us right away."

At the end of the day, what the "Trump Train" did was highlight something that much of the media in the United States does not often report on. In a recent event that had Douglas Emhoff (aka, "Mr. Kamala Harris") and former First Lady Jill Biden (wife of Joe Biden) as attendees, as similar Joe Biden event managed to have only three cars show up.

The "Trump Train," by contrast, which did not feature Mrs. Pence nor First Lady Melania Trump, brought not only countless cars but also brought out people too numerous to count. Each block had house after house of people cheering, waving Trump signs, and even building their own signs to flaunt and hoist as the "Trump Train" drove by.

People had timed that yardwork to meet the train as it drove by and everyone was filming and singing as the caravan moved onward.

This matters, too. It matters not because those handmade signs all had perfect letters or because they sported great art but because they showed that the average person on (literally) Main Street America is willing and outright excited to make signs supporting Donald J.

Trump as President for four more years.

From here, it remains to be seen if Biden can answer the exuberate enthusiasm in Ohio which was displayed by the "Trump Train" but one thing is for sure - he doesn't have a lot of time to build it.

The election is November 3.