Yesterday, according to the New York Times and National Post, Democratic-socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced that he is suspending his campaign for the Democratic nomination. The race for President will now be between Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump for the general election come November 3.

Bernie Sanders suspending his campaign is welcome news for many people around the world including people that live in Israel and the United States. His policies and ideas were downright absurd and posed a danger to the country and foreign policy while promoting ideas that went against America's core values like not supporting the state of Israel and refusing to call a world-recognized dictator like Nicolas Maduro as such - to name a couple.

A hypocrite

Bernie Sanders was born and raised as a Jew having had a bar mitzvah and celebrating holidays like Passover and Hannukkah. At times, he has said that he considers himself proud to be Jewish but he has also stated that he doesn't care about religion. In 1963, he went to Israel to volunteer on a Kibbutz - an agricultural-based communal settlement in Israel.

When it comes to Israel, on the political stage, he constantly considers them as an afterthought. Every year, the United States of America provides Israel with about $3.8 billion in foreign aid which was brought to bill and signed by former President Barack Obama, a Democrat. The majority of the $3.8 billion is spent on military equipment that is produced and bought from the United States.

This money is vital to the security of the state of Israel they are surrounded by countries and terrorist organizations that seek their destruction. At one point during his campaign, he stated that if Israel wasn't willing to negotiate peace with the Palestinians, he would slash most of the foreign aid the United States provides to Israel and give it to Gaza which is run by Hamas, a designated terrorist organization by many countries in the world including the United States.

Truth is, Israel has been seeking peace for decades, yet its the Palestinians that refuse to come to the table.

During his campaign, he refused to talk, at the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference stating that they promote bigotry and oppress basic Palestinian rights, both completely false statements. The mission of AIPAC and their conferences as it states on the AIPAC website is "to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel." Close to 1.9 million people or over 20 percent of Israel's population are Palestinians that have the same rights and freedoms as Jewish people in Israel.

As AIPAC aims to strengthen Israeli policies that aid Jewish and Palestinian people, how would AIPAC be promoting bigotry and harming the rights of Palestinians who live in Israel? Also, if AIPAC supported bigotry and posed a threat to Palestinian human rights, why, in 2012, would Barack Obama, a president that was viewed as not a great friend to Israel and a better friend to the Palestinians, speak at an AIPAC conference?

Sanders has also associated himself with anti-Semitic, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) supporting and Israel hating politicians. He associates himself a lot with Ilhan Ohmar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, politicians that have made numerous anti-Semitic remarks and demonstrated a strong hatred for the State of Israel.

He said that if he were elected President, both Ilhan Ohmar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would play large roles in his administration. Another politician he associates himself with is Rashida Tlaib, from Michigan. Tlaib is a supporter of a one-state solution in favor of the Palestinians and, the way Palestinians aim to do that is through violence. Tlaib also once said that thinking of the Holocaust brings her a "calming feeling." Part of Bernie's family was murdered in the Holocaust and, for someone who was affected due to the Holocaust, he should have called her out on that and disassociated himself from her. Instead, he defended her comments.

As he associates himself with these types of people, it provides a pathway to people who think alike to stand by and support him.

For example, a Muslim Imam who said that ISIS is the 'arm of the Zionists' held a rally where people can be seen holding signs that endorse Bernie Sanders for President.

Bernie Sanders also opposed President Donald Trump's decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Trump moving the embassy and declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel was a move that was long overdue as Jerusalem has been the capital to the Jewish people for thousands of years. For someone who declares himself a "proud Jew," it makes him look like a huge hypocrite.

Other dangerous policies of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has, on numerous occasions, endorsed socialist policies.

Some of the policies he has endorsed align somewhat closely with socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, of Venezuela, who is wanted on federal drug charges by the United States justice system. During a CNN town hall interview, in 2019, when asked about Maduro, Sanders refused to call him a dictator despite Maduro being described as one by multiple federal governments across the globe.

Another thing that Bernie Sanders has done to embarrass his political views was by openly praising anti-Semitic and terrorist-supporting Jeremy Corbyn. Sanders once went as far as calling Corbyn 'courageous'.

When former FBI director Robert Mueller conducted investigations on Russian interference during the 2016 federal election, the investigations concluded that Russia aided Bernie Sanders' campaign in an attempt to defeat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nominee for President.

For a long time, Sanders was pressing for the impeachment of President Trump due to Russian interference in his campaign, even though they found no meddling or interference on behalf of the Russians to Trump's campaign. Yet, the Russians aided him as he tried to become President. Another example of Bernie Sanders' hypocrisy.

One issue that is not talked about as much is that Bernie Sanders is in favor of legalizing marijuana. Decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana would encourage more people, especially underaged kids, teenagers and young adults to try it which could lead them to try more serious drugs that could cause serious harm to people's bodies. Also with marijuana and alcohol being popular among young people and the fact that lots of young people aren't very smart due to their brains not being fully developed, it could cause young people, knowingly or unknowingly, to mix alcohol and drugs which could have serious health effects.

Legalizing marijuana would also provide easier access to the drug which could end up in the hands of underage people among other negative impacts and consequences.

In January 2020, President Trump ordered a drone attack on Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (a designated terrorist organization) general Qasem Soleimani who was planning attacks on Israel and American nationals. Due to him posing a threat to American citizens and interests, it was deemed necessary to take him out, yet Bernie Sanders used it as a way to criticize the President and promote his own campaign to get people on his side.

Speaking of Iran, Sanders supported the disastrous Iran deal and supported not having any sanctions put on Iran.

The Iran deal gave billions of dollars to Iran to 'curb' its nuclear weapons when it really provided them money to have nuclear weapons down the road in the future. When Trump pulled out of the deal, which was praised by Israel and other countries, Sanders criticized it and said that he would reenter the deal if he was elected President.

During a Democratic primary debate, he said that if he was the Democratic nominee, he would most likely choose a woman as his Vice President. He said 'For me it's not just nominating a woman. It is making sure that we have a progressive woman and there are progressive women out there. So it's in my very strong tendency to move in that direction'. While there is absolutely no problem or any sort of issue with a woman being Vice President or even President (if elected), what about all the progressive men that would like a chance to be Vice President or Sanders' running mate if they wished?

Sanders choosing a Vice President because of someone's body parts and discriminating men is sickening at the very least.

These are few of the many policies and issues that make Bernie Sanders a dangerous man to put in power.


Many people around the world have gained an enormous sense of relief now that Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race to become President of the most powerful country in the world. Sanders no longer running for President provides huge benefits to the State of Israel, American citizens, Jewish people around the world and many other people of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

The United States of America, or to be truly honest, the world became a much safer place today.

As a very proud Jewish person, a proud Jew that celebrates more than the high holidays, a strong supporter of the State of Israel, the only home to the Jewish people which holds a very, very, very special place in my heart, I am beyond relieved that Bernie Sanders will not be President and I feel much safer to go on with my daily life without having to be scared for the future.