"The Mandalorian," has become Disney+'s most popular original series. Part of the reason is because of the constant fan service it delivers to its subscribers. Each episode has featured familiar locations, faces, and recently introduced a baby Yoda. They also manage to bring us to places within the star wars universe that have been left untouched by the "Star Wars" films. It's become an adventure into the "Star Wars" galaxy with the mysterious Mandalorian as our travel guide. Chapter 5 or "Gunslinger," gives fans even more fan service.

"Gunslinger," starts off with a dogfight between the Mandalorian and what appears to be another bounty hunter.

Mando's ship ends up being damaged in the fight, so he requests permission to land in the familiar Mos Eisley. When he lands, he is met by a mechanic, who is willing to repair his ship for a price. Mando is short on funds, so he stops by the very familiar Mos Eisley cantina.

'The Mandalorian: Gunslinger' provided 'Star Wars' nostalgia

"The Mandalorian," succeeds at recreating the most iconic "Star Wars" scene, while also updating it. They even have someone sitting in Han Solo's favorite seat. The patrons are strange looking aliens in the background, who are all drinking.

A newbie bounty hunter has taken the seat once held by Han Solo. The bounty hunter is requesting help from the Mandalorian.

The newbie needs help tracking down his first bounty. Mando agrees and together they head out on the classic "Star Wars" speeder bikes. Just like the cantina, the camera work and sound effects evoke memories of the original films.

'The Mandalorian' needs to focus more on the path of discovery

Mando and the newbie end up meeting with the familiar Tusken Raiders.

Mando is able to communicate with them and secures safe passage for him and the rookie. There are plenty of other opportunities for storytelling found within the "Star Wars" canon.

The remainder of "Gunslinger," is alright, but it doesn't fix the problems caused by the beginning. "The Mandalorian," needs to focus on a new discovery, instead of falling back on the classic films.

Disney+ and team need to find a way to tell stories that follow the canon films, but also give us something new to enjoy. Walking along paths already created decades ago is not what will provide "The Mandalorian," a second season.

I do worry that "The Mandalorian," is taking away from new things that could succeed in favor of things that are expected to be popular with fans. The show has made so many bad decisions, it's possible to overlook "The Mandalorian" biggest, which is its central tension is played out. Hopefully "The Mandalorian," learns and changes for the better in the remaining three episodes.