President Donald Trump made a shocking announcement about troops stationed in Syria. He was pulling them out of the northern part of Syria. According to CNN, "Last week, Trump withdrew US forces from an area of northern Syria, prompting Turkey to launch a military offensive against Kurdish-led forces there. This area is near the Turkey border." Now, he promised to "destroy Turkey" economically if they get out of hand.

This area is controlled by the Kurds. The defense they had against aggression was the American troops that were stationed there.

The consensus of pundits was that we were protecting them from attacks from both Turkey and Syria.

This area is one-third of Syria. They have been seeking independence from both Syria and hoping to get their own area of occupation. The Kurds were allies helping defeat the terrorist in Syria.

Donald Trump pulls troops from Syria

Trump made the announcement and at once pulled the troops from the region. During his campaign, he stated that he would stop the endless wars. Ever since the attacks on the World Trade Center, America has been in a constant war in different areas around the globe.

Turkey started its move into Syria almost at once. Turkey has been wanting to create a buffer zone between Turkey and Syria.

The buffer zone will be used to resettle Syrian refugees who have taken refuge within the borders of Turkey.

After pulling out the troops, Trump threatened Turkey that if they do anything "off-limits" sanctions would be levied against Turkey. This came in the form of a tweet from Donald Trump. He has sanctioned Turkey in the past.

These tariffs proved to be effective.

In the summer of 2018, Trump levied sanction against Turkey until they released an American pastor that was captive. These sanctions had a negative impact on Turkey's economy.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin according to CNN stated, "ready to go at a moment's notice to put on sanctions." This means that the United States is willing and able to sanction Turkey. Donald Trump has proven that he will sanction countries and has in the past with sanctions against North Korea and Iran.

The Syrian government and the Kurds

They are prominent around Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. They have sought to create an area to call their own free of the surrounding countries. Iraq and Turkey have had skirmishes with the Kurds.

Syria has not sent military forces into northeast Syria in years. A deal brokered by Russia is allowing them to move forces into the area. This is in response to Turkey's movement into Syria.

This allows Syria to control about 1/3 more of the country then they did before. It also shows the Kurds that they can live together in the same country without fighting. The Kurds before this agreement were in control of the area.

Russia has suggested that the Syrian government should control more of the country. This gives them access. It also shows that the Syrian government is willing to stand next to the Kurds to defend them.

Turkey is looking to create a buffer zone between Syria and Turkey. This zone will be sued to resettle the refugees that now live in Turkey.

The zone will include two border towns of Manbij and Kobane.

Turkey has been responsible for refugees since the Syrian civil war. They want to return the refugees back to Syria. Russia is brokering the deal between Turkey and Syrian President Assad.

Refugees, Turkey and Syria

Turkey wants to return the refugees. Syria wants to have more control over the country. The United States wants to get out of the area.

When Trump pulled the troops out of Syria, he had a deal in place with Turkey. He tweeted about the sanctions and warned about Turkey doing anything "off-limits." Syria is moving troops into the area to defend this area. Syria is policing itself now. They are also brokering a deal to create the buffer zone for the refugees.

The chances of a deal are more prominent if the two parties work it out themselves. The negotiations are between Turkey and Syria. Russia is brokering the deal, who have always been allies of Syria and made an arms deal with Turkey.

Donald Trump seems to be keeping his campaign promise of ending the wars. Syria seems to be proving that they can police themselves. Hopefully, this will create a more stable region and give the area a better possible situation to garner peace rather than continue the endless wars that have plagued this area for years.