NBC News is promoting a video where Donald Trump says Napoleon Bonaparte should help the Kurds because he, Trump, is 7,000 miles away. The insensitivity of Trump continues as his base is shrinking. Several Evangelical pastors are outraged that American troops are being pulled out of Syria and one of his staunchest supporters, is speaking out. Franklin Graham tweeted that he hopes the current commander in chief will change his mind. During his 2016 campaign, Trump said that he could walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and still not lose voters.

Now it seems that his actions are causing many who had been loyal to break from the president.

The Kurds are the final straw for some Trump supporters

According to NBC News, Donald Trump was quoted as saying, "Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is alright with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte." It's looking like the Syrian situation is the final straw for many who have defended the 45th president for the past three years. Evangelicals turned a blind eye to the Stormy Daniels scandal, the Charlottesville tragedy, and every other situation where Trump has shown distasteful behavior. Now, however, they are beginning to criticize the president for removing U.S.

Troops publically.

Franklin Graham is calling for Donald Trump to change his mind because the Kurds are protecting Christians who may now be annihilated. Other Evangelicals such as Pat Robertson have also spoken out against the president's decisions to remove American troops from Syria. At this point, it is not evident that this decrease in his base is making a difference to Trump.

When Fox News released a poll saying that his ratings were slipping, he quickly turned on the network that he once praised.

Evangelicals could make or break Trump's 2020 campaign

Mike Evans is a member of the president's faith-based team who advises him. Evans says the Kurds are the Evangelicals of the Muslim world and implored Donald Trump to change his mind.

Instead, Trumo makes the statement that he is 7,000 miles away, and Napoleon Bonaparte, who is deceased, should help. If increasing numbers of the faithful turn away from the president, then his 2020 campaign could be in big trouble.

Evangelicals made up one-third of the Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. If they abandon him at the polls in 2020, it could mean all the difference in whether or not the Don will have a second term. It looks like a corner has been turned by some of Trump's most ardent supporters, yet his hateful rhetoric continues. Turkey is attacking the Kurds, and the Commander in chief of the United States is making jokes about Napoleon Bonaparte.