Two Democratic Party Congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib, who planned a visit to Israel and Palestine were yesterday barred from entering Israel. The Congresswomen are in the eye of the storm for their radical views against Israel and support of the PLO. They were targeted by US President Donald Trump as part of his election strategy. In an earlier attack, the president tweeted that these minority leaders must go back to their home countries instead of preaching in America. The Guardian reported that the interior ministry said that it’s unacceptable to allow the entrance to the country of those who wish to harm the state of Israel.

The two representatives who were to visit Israel are Muslim, and one is born in the United States the other migrated from Somalia at the age of 13. Both are elected members of the US Congress. The women have a minority identity are also vociferous in there criticism of Israel and Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as its capital.

Visit canceled

Both representatives of the Democratic Party had scheduled a visit to Israel which now stands canceled. They had also scheduled visits to Palestine. The visit was earlier cleared by the Israeli government but they changed their mind after a tweet by Donald Trump exhorting Israel to cancel their visit as these two women were enemies of Israel. The president also mentioned that these representatives were so committed to their anti-Israel attitude that nothing could make them change their views.

He further tweeted that it would be the weakness of Israel if it allowed the women to continue on their visit to the Jewish state

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with his cabinet and a decision was taken to respect the American viewpoint. The senators have now been informed that they are not welcome in Israel.

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, on Thursday, confirmed the decision. Both these leaders have adopted an anti -Israeli stance and have no sympathy for the Jewish state. It was possibly on the cards that the visit to Israel would have perhaps achieved nothing accept a few more acerbic statements by the two condemning the approach of Israel.


The PLO is fighting for an independent country for many decades. To achieve this target they have frequently resorted to terrorist activities. They have also claimed Jerusalem as their capital. The essence of the PLO philosophy is complete decimation of the Israeli State. The NY Times has reported that both these women are vocal supporters of the Palestinians and the movement called 'Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions,' or BDS.

Over the years the approach to the PLO from other nations of total support has greatly eroded. Even India which was earlier a strong supporter of the Palestine movement has established a strong military and political relationship with Israel. Trump who has just aborted an attack on Iran has gone one step further than any American presidents and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

As part of his election strategy, he has attacked representatives of the Democratic Party who he claims have their loyalty somewhere else.

Last word

To an observer from outside the United States, it is a mystery how these two leaders from the minority community who opposed Israel and generally follow a pro-Islamic agenda were elected in the first place

Israel remains a staunch ally of the USA. It is an unfortunate fact that both these leaders of the Democratic Party have been giving all sorts of statements condemning the policies of the president which are termed as racist.