There is something taking place on "The Bold and the Beautiful" that is disturbing, to say the least. Thomas is manipulating his young son, and his actions are borderline abusive. When the baby switch is finally revealed, and all the Forrester heir’s efforts come to light, the first thing that should be done is to remove Douglas from that toxic environment. Murder, death threats, drugs, and lies surround this child whose father demands he withhold truth and play along in manipulating Hope. His mother died suddenly, or so Thomas says. If Ms. Spencer’s death was foul play just like Emma, then Caroline’s son will be scarred for life?

'B&B' allows Thomas to abuse his son

On "B&B" Thomas started out drawing pictures for Hope and telling her that his son made them for her. He next faked a letter from Caroline which indicated she wanted Hope to care for her if something happened to her. He then made his son think a ghost was in the house so that Hope would comfort him. Douglas was later coached into telling Hope he wants her to be his new mommy. Ridge and Taylor’s son gave Ms.Logan an engagement ring and said he wanted her to marry his daddy.

On Friday’s episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Douglas told Liam and Hope that Beth is alive. He heard his father say Phoebe is really Beth, but Thomas told him to forget what he heard and did his best to manipulate his own child into thinking he did not hear what was being said.

Thomas yelled at the child and made him promise never to say that Kelly and Phoebe are the same child. Douglas repeated this again to Liam on Tuesday, but it’s not certain if he really caught on.’

Thomas could cause Douglas to have psychological damage

Douglas is harboring secrets for his father as well as being drawn into all the lies and manipulations.

When the truth comes out that Thomas caused Emma’s wreck, he will be labeled a murderer. Should he be incarcerated, Hope and the rest of the family will have to unite to care for his son. "The Bold and the Beautiful" is allowing this young boy to be exposed to the craziness of his father and st some point it will affect him greatly.

The psychological damage to Douglas cannot even begin to be comprehended at this time.

There is alarm the issue of what really happened to Caroline. If Thomas is responsible for her death, this will be another burden for little Douglas to hear. "B&B" rumors have not yet addressed the issue of the fate of little Douglas who could end up an orphan. His mother is gone, and it’s possible that his father could die before the baby switch storyline can be revealed. Even if he is not murdered, dies in an accident or by his own hand, Thomas will still be out of his son’s life. He could be put in a mental health facility or go to prison. This is getting pretty complicated, so stay tuned.