Nebraska football fans are known all over the country as some of the most dedicated fans in the college football world. At times, it can feel like maybe the fanbase is tooting its own horn a little too much. Sometimes we might stop and think, "are we the only ones that think that?" For the most part, there is proof every time we play at another stadium that we travel well. We hear the stories of opponents who come to Lincoln and are blown away by how they were treated and just how noisy and crazy the stadium is on every down. What Husker fans don't hear too often is when players from other teams talk about our dedication seemingly out of the blue.

That happened a few days ago when Kentucky Wildcats' player Kash Daniel spoke to the media after his team's win over Middle Tennessee State. While his squad won it appears he wasn't at all happy. It wasn't the win in particular that has stuck in the players' craw. It's the number of fans that came to the game to watch UK's final home game. He apparently hasn't been happy with the turnout for Kentucky home games in general, despite the fact that the Wildcats are having a kind of resurgent season.

Nebraska football mentioned in rant

While Daniel was talking about how unhappy he was that Kentucky fans weren't turning out, he mentioned the Huskers. He seemed to point to Nebraska as a kind of standard for fan base saying, "And look at this, Nebraska, a football powerhouse that wins national championships, still sold out 80,000 plus and they went 0-5." He went on to talk about the fact that Kentucky, which has been a pretty moribund program for the last few decades has been bowl eligible for three straight seasons.

Daniel was drawing the comparison to what Nebraska football fans were doing in the middle of what was a historically horrible season, (It's gotten better recently) to what Kentucky fans have been doing since the school lost to Georgia.

He feels the fans have suddenly lost interest in the team despite the fact that "football happens."

Players taking notice of the Cornhuskers

Did the Huskers win anything because a random Kentucky player noticed the sellout streak? Obviously not. At the same time, it does show that people from all over the country pay attention to this sort of thing.

Where these kinds of comments can help most is on the recruiting trail. One has to wonder if former Nebraska football target Wandale Robinson was listening when a Kentucky player talked about how much better Cornhusker fans are.