Are you a veteran marijuana user looking for new strains to sample? Maybe you are a newbie in the ganja universe who is searching for the best samples to suit your needs? Perhaps you are just interested in learning more about terpene isolation, a trend rapidly gaining recognition in the weed industry? Whatever the case, here is an overview of terpene, which is considered a Hot new form of cannabis for 2018.

What are terpenes?

For the record, terpenes are one of many chemical compounds found in ganja plants. These components are what produces the aromas often associated with various strains of Mary Jane, which, in turn, also affects the taste of a particular plant.

This is due to the strong link that exists between flavor and scent. As a result, terpenes are considered an essential aspect of the overall flavor profile that defines each unique strain of cannabis. Moreover, each sample is composed of a wide array of different terpenes, which combine forces in order to create a unique taste and aroma for each variety of plant.

However, it is important to note that terpenes are not only present in ganja plants, but they are also components in many types of flora, such as fresh roses and orchids. These elements work together and give these flowers their characteristic aroma and taste profiles, along with their overall appeal.

Understanding terpene isolation

The process involved in terpene isolation has been utilized for decades by the fragrance industry (i.e.

cosmetics companies, fashion brands, etc.), in which a technique is developed to extract natural smells and recreate combinations of those scents for people to accessorize with and wear. In the same vein, the cannabis industry has devised their own procedures for isolating these compounds from marijuana.

This extraction process has enabled weed manufacturers to produce more pure waxes and concentrates during the initial process while retaining the byproducts of these components for later use in the final products.

Case in point, some users feel that concentrates can lose some of the desired taste and scent qualities associated with their preferred strains. Therefore, terpene isolation makes it possible to re-install those aspects after the concentrate is extracted and give it a stronger aroma and better taste profile.

What does the future hold?

It should be noted that this technology is a recent addition to the ganja industry, along with the fact that the weed world itself is fledgling and ever-evolving. Yet, this technology has already shown enormous potential. Several companies have already started manufacturing creative new products based on these terpene innovations. For instance, incense, oil diffusers, candles, topical ointments, and new wax-based concoctions are available on the market, and they all feature the flavor and scent profiles associated with your preferred strains.

While terpenes and its isolation process are still relatively new innovations in the Mary Jane world, they are rapidly gaining popularity and making significant waves in the industry.

Early studies and the potential fusion ability that exists between weed and non-ganja-based products with this fledgling technology indicate promising advancements on the horizon. Thus, terpene and its associated technology are hot new cannabis topics for 2018.