George Soros has poured millions of dollars into local Politics nationwide. In San Diego, he has supported Genevieve Jones-Wright with a donation of $1.5 million. That amount of money in a local election is overwhelming. There is no way the opposing candidate can overcome that cash inflow. It is making the races obsolete. It is actually taking away democracy from the voters. The best part is that it was generated by the organization Democracy Alliance. Reports by Free Beacon and I News Source provided most of the details for this article.

George Soros

Democracy Alliance was founded in part by George Soros. Their last meeting included a program titled, "Prosecutor Races – Winning big in 2018." Their platform was to change the justice system in America. It is estimated that George Soros has donated a total of over $10 million in such races since 2015. The main reason for their last meeting was their major disappointment of the last presidential race. George Soros was a backer of Hillary Clinton. Now he is trying to start from the bottom to ensure changes to our judicial system.

His candidate, Genevieve Jones-Wright, has claimed that she is not interested in taking money from private prisons or associates. George Soros was a stockholder at one time of one of the biggest private prison companies in America.

She is taking money from private prisons with the donations from Soros.

Genevieve Jones-Wright

Genevieve Jones-Wright also attended the last Democratic Alliance meeting. She has adopted the principles of Democratic Alliance.

One of those platforms is equal justice. The current prison population in America is not in accordance with the population. There is a much higher percentage of blacks in prison than whites. She is running under the platform to equalize those percentages.

Genevieve Jones-Wright also believes that sex crimes should be decriminalized.

This means she will not prosecute the crimes in her jurisdiction. She is running for district attorney of San Diego. That is her job to prosecute, not decide what crimes are or what they are not. As mentioned earlier, she does not want money from private prisons. She wants to close jails and prisons. She does not have the power to close prisons but if she does not prosecute crimes than there will be no need to have them.

She also wants to eliminate bail. Once arrested, you will stay in there until your trial. This violates all human rights. A suspect that is not a flight risk should be able to leave jail to better develop his preparation for trial. Remember a suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

George Soros, before 2015, was not really involved in local governmental races. He has had a presence in national politics, but not locally. This is the new motto of the Democratic Alliance. They are starting a grassroots uprising. The plan is to get the local elections won, then grow that support to a national level.

It is working because they have had good success in these local elections. Now they will grow their support and move to the national level. This is similar to the Bernie Sanders campaign last year that took smaller donations to raise more money than his opponent. It was successful for Bernie, so they adopted this platform for 2018 and beyond.