If Chandler Riggs' departure made you upset, this news will likely make you even more upset. According to CBR.com and ET Online, several independent sources have reported that Andrew Lincoln will be the next major star to leave the critically-acclaimed show "The Walking Dead." The majority of fans were already disappointed that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs' character) had been axed off the story, with some expressing significant concerns regarding how the show would continue.

Although shows are known to deviate from their source material, some considered that this unexpected death would only make things worse for the TV series itself as not only is Carl Grimes the son of the main protagonist, but he is still a significant player in the comics as well.

It might not be long before Rick Grimes reunites with his son, as Andrew Lincoln is set to leave the show after the ninth season.

What does this mean for the 'The Walking Dead?'

Carl Grimes' death dealt a significant blow to fans, and not in a good way. In fact, it only generated further confusion, concern, and even disappointment from the fans themselves. With Andrew Lincoln departing, this might be the final nail in the coffin for the show itself. Not only will the central protagonist leave, but there are rumors that other major cast members may leave as well.

Some notable stars include Lauren Cohan, who is already set to star in ABC's new show, "Whiskey Cavalier." It was recently reported that she would not appear as much in the ninth season, with only six episodes set to feature her character.

While it is great to see other stars moving forward with their careers, fans might be sad to see their favorite show come to an end.

Of course, the show could continue with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character of Negan, as the character was not killed off at the end of the season and was instead spared by Rick Grimes. Of course, they would have to start redeeming the character, as fans have not had the chance to see his growth.

This is in contrast with sheriff Grimes, who we saw increasingly over the span of eight seasons.

Should 'The Walking Dead' survive beyond nine seasons?

Based on the ratings drop and reports of numerous stars leaving, personally I don't think "The Walking Dead" should survive beyond its ninth season. With each season, fans have stopped tuning in to their once favorite show, often complaining about its repetitive storylines and formula.

In fact, Carl Grimes' death was upsetting because it was unnecessary. Talking as the once fan that I was, it felt it was only done for pure shock value and to keep the death count continuing, without the need for it.

Andrew Lincoln's departure might not be the end of Rick Grimes' life, but it is hard to see the show will explain why we are not following Rick Grimes' storyline if he were to be still alive. While this might be the end of the "The Walking Dead," its spin-off show is continuing to air. One could hope that Andrew Lincoln may move to this show, as Morgan has recently been moved to "Fear The Walking Dead."