ABC-Disney has decided not be the platform for racism. On Tuesday (May 29) CNN reported the top-rated television comedy of the year, “Rosanne,” was canceled by ABC following Roseanne Barr’s recent racist and anti-Semitic tweets. There was a one sentence public statement issued by ABC's president, Channing Dungey, about the reasoning for the show's cancelation calling the tweets “abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel her show.”

One of Roseanne’s tweets, which she later deleted stated: “muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby = vj.” The “vj” that Roseanne was referring to was Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser to President Obama who coincidently is an African-American woman.

According to CNN, this is not the first time the comedic star has tweeted vile racial commentary about Blacks, comparing them to apes and animals. Roseanne later tweeted an apology to ”Valerie Jarrett and all Americans” saying that she was sorry she made a bad joke about Jarrett’s “politics and her looks.” This was then followed by another apologetic tweet and a stage left exit saying she was leaving Twitter. But by then, it was too little too late.

We're not going to take it anymore

Roseanne's jokes are no laughing matter. The Valerie Jarrett tweet was not the only tweet that Roseanne posted to her Twitter feed. CNN pointed out that during Trump's presidency, Blacks are not the only ones Barr has tweeted about negatively, she has tweeted Nazi conspiracy theories, attacked the Jewish people, praised Trump and vehemently supported the President’s agenda—race attacks and all.

This is the same president whose administration has overtly discriminated against immigrants and their intellect.

The recent tweets were enough for Wanda Sykes, a comedic icon, and the show’s consulting producer. Sykes quit in a one line tweet after Roseanne’s Tuesday tweet rants and prior to ABC's public announcements of the canceling of the show.

Other’s who worked on the show and who are affiliated with the show were outraged. Sara Gilbert, who played Roseanne’s daughter called her comments “abhorrent” and said that Barr did not reflect the views of others on the show. This sentiment was echoed by top executives.

“It is a question of right and wrong and a question of our company’s value,” said an ABC executive involved in the decision to cancel the show that has had over 20 million viewers, reported CNN. Columnist Solomon Jones for the Philadelphia Daily News said ABC decided that they were going to put people and values over money and politics.

Channing Dungey the first female black president to head ABC Entertainment and one of the most prominent women in Hollywood did not make the decision alone. Other top executives were involved, like the CEO of Disney, who tweeted that “it was the only one thing to do and it was the right thing to do.” It should also be noted that CNN reported that ABC had received some pressure from sponsors who were feeling uncomfortable and did not want to be associated with Roseanne and her Trumpian rhetoric.

Reclaiming America

ABC canceling the "Roseanne" show is the jolt that America needed. We have already seen how the NFL has cowered and caved to the racial and political pressures of the President, and the racially charged environment Americans currently live. ABC’s statement says that Americans will not tolerate the attacks on the groups of people who make up the melting pot. It also states that they understand the powerful role they play in shaping the moralistic values and behaviors that we as a society are to exhibit.

It is the hope of all of those who believe in the American dream and equality, regardless of race and gender, that racism and discrimination have no place in our society. ABC-Disney's powerful move on Tuesday models one of America's most sacred tenets--the home of the brave-- and for that, many give thanks.