Since its announcement back in 2015, "Kingdom Hearts 3" has been a title Square Enix has kept under wraps for quite a while. With no release date announced, fans await every bit of information that the company lets loose in order to not lose hope (myself included). Although the embargo has not yet been lifted, some fans have already taken a sneak peek at the premiere event Square Enix is hosting in Santa Monica, California. If you venture into Reddit and Twitter, some anxious fans eager to share the leaked images have posted them on the website.

While the images were originally leaked by a 4chan user, the user himself (or herself) has been banned from the site. However, the images themselves survived from being deleted and are now displayed on various websites after they were revealed.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date?

As previously mentioned, there has not been an exact release date for the upcoming game yet. The only known information is that it has a tentative release window for this year. However, Square Enix has been known to be a company that does not shy away from delaying their games, including the "Final Fantasy" titles. The most noticeable and recent "Final Fantasy" to receive this treatment was "Final Fantasy XV." The games itself was delayed numerous times and also received a change in the title as the game was originally called "Final Fantasy Versus XIII." While the game was supposed to be part of the PlayStation 3 games lineup back in 2006, the game did not start development until 2013, when the PlayStation 4 became the current gen console.

From the start of its development, the game was originally intended to be release in 2015, but Square Enix pushed the release date back to a release window of 2017. It is apparent that their games tend to take a while to release, which causes concerns to many fans about the release of "Kingdom Hearts 3."

What comes after this title?

Even before development started, director Tetsuya Nomura had plans to continue the franchise beyond the third installment, which hint that the end of Sora's journey would not equal the end of the "Kingdom Hearts" saga.

As for the company itself, Square Enix already has its hands full with the development of the remake of one of the most beloved Final Fantasy installments, "Final Fantasy VII." Stay tuned for more "Kingdom Hearts 3" news as it develops. We are looking forward to the final release of the polished game.