"The Walking Dead" has finally wrapped up its two-season-long "All Out War" story arc and the fans, just like the characters in the show, can't help but feel a huge relief. And while the episode focused on the final battle and its aftermath, we did get a few subtle clues here and there of what is to come in the future of the series. But before we delve into all the hints hiding in plain sight, we've got to warn you about spoilers for both Sunday's season finale and "The Walking Dead" comics.

'A New Beginning' teaser

After he finally defeated Negan, Rick went on and on talking about "a new world," and "a new beginning." Obviously, the fact that Rick is saying these specific words isn't by any means a coincidence, as "A New Beginning" is the title of comic book Volume 22, which comes after the "All Out War." With that said, there isn't any reason to doubt that "The Walking Dead" Season 9 will follow "A New Beginning" storyline from the comics.

It remains to be seen whether the show will decide to introduce a two-year time jump like in the comics.

The next 'big bad' group

Before the "Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom" forces met Negan and the "Saviors" on an open field, the group noticed something in the distance and this was when Jerry said: "Have you ever seen one that big?" and we soon find out that he is talking about the giant herd of walkers. And after the battle, Rick pointed to that same herd and said: "That's death. And it's coming for us."

Obviously, the big herd of walkers is not something we haven't seen before in the world of "The Walking Dead," but given who the next big villains in the comics are, there might be more to this scene than meets the eye.

We are, of course, talking about "The Whisperers," a group of people that lives amongst walkers, wearing their skin as they believe that that's exactly how people are meant to live.

Another 'The Whisperers' Easter egg

Another potential Easter egg for "The Whisperers" was in the scene after all the guns blew up in the hands of the "Saviors." Behind one particular "Savior" you could see a fence and fence posts.

This is important because in the comics this fence represents a border that "The Whisperers" use to mark their territory. Also, this was where they put the heads of the twelve members of Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom, and Sanctuary on pikes.

What do you think of these details? Are they really the hints to "The Walking Dead" future? Tell us in the comments below.