The incident of Gun Violence in a school in Florida is still fresh in memory and voices have been raised to check this dangerous trend. However, yet another incident has happened, during which a woman gained entry to the premises of YouTube and shot and injured some people before pulling the trigger on herself. It happened in broad daylight and fortunately, there is no report of any fatality so far, but four persons suffered gunshot wounds.

New Zealand Herald reports that the shooting happened in San Bruno and the location was the courtyard of YouTube headquarters.

The sequence of events

The shooter had entered the headquarters of YouTube and apparently began to shoot at random injuring at least four persons. It was lunchtime and the people fled from the scene to avoid getting shot. San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini admitted that it was a chaotic situation because the shooter was a woman. One of the victims of this latest gun violence was found near the entrance of the building while two injured women had taken shelter in a nearby eating joint. A fourth person was also injured, and one of the injured women was shot in her leg.

According to sources in the hospital, a 36-year-old man was in critical condition while two women were undergoing treatment for injuries.

One of them is believed to be in critical condition.

Los Angeles Times adds that the San Bruno police have identified the shooter as a resident of San Diego. She had used a handgun and was not familiar with the victims. The police are investigating her possible motive.

Woman shooters are rare

Women can handle a gun just like any man, but most cases of gun violence are carried out by men.

The examples are many - right from Sandy Hook in 2012 to Las Vegas in 2017 and Parkland in 2018. FBI has confirmed in one of its reports pertaining to active shootings in the United States that between 2000 and 2013 there were 160 such attacks and only six of those involved female shooters.

In 2015, a female shooter in San Bernardino, California, and her husband shot dead 14 people at an office holiday party.

The couple had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and undertook the shooting. The location was nearly 700km southeast of YouTube's offices. The duo had escaped from the scene but were shot down by the police.

The Trump administration must take the instance of gun violence on the premises of YouTube in San Bruno as an eye-opener and formulate suitable strategies. It is necessary to introduce adequate gun control measures so that trigger happy persons do not jeopardize innocent lives.