Being a healthy eater in a country that thrives on junk food doesn't leave you with many options, especially in downtown San Francisco where the best healthy food option is Subway. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Subway, but after a while the human body needs something else healthy and fresh to spice things up. Just when I reached the end of my rope with no more new healthy food options, I stumbled upon an app called DoorDash which allows a consumer to purchase their meals and have them delivered to their door ASAP by one of the company's dashers.

On this app I discovered my newfound love which sat upon Hippie Hill; Veganburg. Veganburg is a great alternative to fast food when you're craving a warm and savory burger or a juicy, succulent chicken tender.

Why is Veganburg so healthy?

Veganburg is one hundred percent plant-based. Yes, Veganburg is one hundred percent plant-based. This is a dream come true for me and others like myself around the world. This means that no animals are harmed in the making of this food. The food is also all gluten free and has a great taste to it. Healthy food that actually tastes good is hard to find, not impossible, but hard. The fact that Veganburg's food tastes good is the second thing about them that hooked me.

The first was the fact that the food is healthy.

Menu options and price

Most food that is healthy is twice as expensive as the regular, unhealthy food. Unfortunately, Veganburg's food is no exception. Yes, Veganburg is a little pricey, I personally pay about $20 every time I eat there but that is only due to the costs associated with using DoorDash.

If you go to a Veganburg restaurant near you, you can walk out only having to pay about $15, depending on what you order. So yes, Veganburg is pricier than McDonalds or Burger King but would you rather pay a little more now and keep your body happy and healthy, or would you rather pay later in the form of health problems and an early death?

Health is something that should be protected, and you cannot put a price on being healthy and feeling good. Veganburg is a great place that helps to make things as convenient as possible for consumers in terms of eating healthy without all the fuss. Lastly, Veganburg's menu is just as exciting as a McDonald's menu, with your choices of burgers, drinks, fries, guilt-free dessert, condiments, mini meals and specials, seasonal specials, and the most popular items that people love to order.