This past Sunday we celebrated the holiday of Easter a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. Most people celebrate this holiday and spend time with their families.

Let's take a minute to reflect on this holiday. Forget the resurrection of Jesus for a minute and look at how we can use this day to create peace. We need to look at our similarities and not the differences we all face.

On Easter morning my house was egged. When someone hears that term, they think that kids in the neighborhood threw eggs at the house. This was actually someone placing eggs in the yard with candies and one without anything in it.

The empty egg was representing the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

'Significance of this act'

In America, we have the luxury of Freedom Of Religion. Some choose to be Christians, Jewish, Muslim or not to be affiliated with any religion. It is their right to choose their path and worship under their belief systems.

My neighbors chose their path and decided to share that path with me. I was not upset by this act but rather embraced it because it is their constitutional right. They did not push their religion on me but celebrated it.

We all need to take this stand and look at what makes us similar and not different. Every religion has a time of abstinence where you celebrate the god of your worship.

Christians have lent, Muslims have Ramadan and Jews fast right before Yom Kippur.

All religions celebrate this phenomenon to repent their sins, become closer to their God or signify a period in their God's life. We all try to overcome our life through faith, and all religions do it in similar ways.

Every religion teaches us three basic concepts.

How the world was created, how humans came into existence and how evil was introduced into the world. Overcoming evil is the reason for religion in order for us to establish a faith system to better ourselves.

Overcoming evil includes all religions and should be celebrated. We need to be good to all human beings no matter their beliefs.

If all humans are treated like we are important, then we overcome our differences in belief systems.

The only thing that makes us different is our beliefs not anything in our DNA. We are all created equal with the same structure. Our beliefs make us different, and we need to understand that to overcome and be at peace.

'The solution'

There is nothing wrong with celebrating your beliefs. The biggest understanding that you must have is that others will believe differently. There is no right belief system.

Everyone must take a look outside their own little world and understand other belief systems. Once they understand how other people think, then they will be able to overcome their differences and celebrate their similarities.

This is the step to peace and understanding.

All religions celebrate peace and understanding. Peace comes with understanding. So take a step back and celebrate others. Enjoy your freedom of religion and understand that others also enjoy theirs. Get past your differences and stereotypes. Embrace others as equals and peace will follow to all of humanity.