President Donald Trump announced on Friday, April 13, that he would be launching an attack on Syria. This was truly an appropriate day to launch an attack against the stubborn Syrian regime, none other than Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day according to Western traditions. Following the air strikes, the nation has shown various reactions and attitudes towards this decision.


I looked towards social media to search for some reactions from people regarding this attack.

Tyris Brye, a data analyst for the US Marine Corps shared some remarks on the air strikes in Syria while he shared images from the chemical attack that the country launched on its own citizens, “For all the [people] apologizing to Syria and questioning why... [t]o the civilians who don’t have to fight but continually criticize every military action take a long look at each picture [of the Syrians who were harmed by their own government and foaming at the mouth].” It is crucial, for those who criticize military action, to have insight into the mindset of military personnel. It’s difficult for me, as a discharged Marine Corps recruit and fiancée of a Navy veteran to see, time and time again, civilians who do not have the slightest idea about military action and who continue to criticize their efforts.

I commend the military for their brave efforts in executing this attack, along with the British and French military for the air strikes on Friday.

In more moderate terms, Occupy Democrats Logic shared a picture asking the question, “How can Trump bomb Syria but not allow the children, who are being bombed, into the United States?” Someone answered the question with the following comment, “I don’t like the airstrike either, but how can Democrats support Obama dropping 26,000 bombs in Syria and turn around bashing Trump for launching an airstrike.” I noticed that a lot of people were terribly fond of the Obama administration, and wished that he held an additional term of office.

Trump kept the Syrian relationship consistent with air strikes, however, instead of 26,000 bombs, it was 59 tomahawk missiles. The magnitude of this attack was nothing like we have seen before in Syria, and this is all in an effort to stop the use of banned chemical weapons, and to ensure the welfare of the United States and other countries as well.

Contrastingly, not all people have this opinion, which is perfectly acceptable. I came across a post on Facebook containing a two-finger peace sign with the Syrian flag painted on it, behind a written apology to Syria. It reads: “Dear Syria, we’ve lost control of our government. The traitorous tyrants in Washington D.C. no longer represent the American people. We’ve worked diligently to wake up this sleeping giant. But our people are brainwashed by fraudulent western media. Until our military refuses orders. We cannot control the US war machine. Until then we will continue to work towards peace. We are sorry for what our gov’t is about to do to your home.” That was an interesting read, as an individual attempts to speak on the behalf of our nation, without giving credit to themselves for writing it.

The government is in fact controlled by the people, which is why we have provisions for abuse of control, like checks and balances, three branches of government, and a bicameral legislature.


The United States formed an alliance with Britain and France to complete the series of air strikes, 105 missiles were launched in total. Three crucial sites were targeted, one in Damascus, and two near Homs. These sites included an important research center, a storage facility, multiple equipment facilities, and a command post. These attacks were in response to Syria’s continued use of banned chemical weapons, in direct violation of the 1925 Geneva Convention detailing the prohibition of chemical and biological weapons in war.

Some of Syria’s chemical arsenal includes sulfur mustard, sarin, and agent VX.

Sulfur mustard, more commonly known as mustard gas, is a vesicant, colorless vapor which can cause burns to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract. Sarin was one of the substances developed by the Nazis, but Hitler was afraid to use it. It is also a highly toxic and colorless liquid due known as a nerve agent. Agent VX is a toxic synthetic material, is lethal with any contact to the skin if it is not immediately washed off. It was also used to kill Kim Jong-Nam, the elder half-brother of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un.

Concluding thoughts

The coalition that attacked Syria did a fantastic job of executing these air strikes without any casualties and aimed directly at their targets which were the locations Syria was storing their chemical weapons and research at.

The people of America are urged to support the US in these efforts to prevent the use of banned chemical weapons and to lend support to the brave military personnel who have been sent to protect the area. At the end of the day, we can have our opinions, but Mission Accomplished Syria.