Local Arabic news, early Saturday, reported that hundreds of U.S. Military vehicles were crossing the Iraqi border at Fishkhabour into Syrian territory. According to Al-Mayadeen news agency, an estimated 150 vehicles, along with their crews, crossed the border and are now inside Syria.

What is the U.S. plan for pouring troops into Syria?

The main objective at the moment in Syria is the complete capture of the city of Raqqa, which is a major ISIS stronghold. As of the moment, 33% of the city is now securely under U.S-led coalition's control. Islamic fighters have been forced into confined pockets inside the city and are slowly being strangled and destroyed by the relentless attacks made by the Syrian Democratic Forces or SDF.

Because of the Raqqa offensive, U.S. personnel are slowly being deployed near the war zone to expedite the capture of the city and to ensure all Islamic terrorist are destroyed. According to local sources, U.S. Apache helicopters have been actively supporting the SDF in its push into the remaining enemy held sectors in Raqqa. It is very important for the progress of the U.S. led coalition to capture the city, especially as Assad's government forces have been very successful in retaking large swathes of ISIS lands in the Eastern Syrian desert.

U.S. Colonel Ryan Dillon, spokesperson of the U.S. led coalition in Syria said that only a limited number of U.S. Marines are present in the city and their role is limited to providing advisory roles for the SDF.

However, many reports have been circulating that numbers of U.S. soldiers in and near Raqqa are increasing exponentially, especially with the additional troops coming from Iraq.

What is the reaction of Assad's Syria and its supporters?

Assad is still firmly in power despite the growing number of American backed forces in his country.

According to reports from Kurdish commanders, the United States have secured a number of airfields near Raqqa and have raised U.S. flags to claim the area. Also two major airports have been captured by the U.S. troops and have stationed American soldiers in the said compounds.

Despite the unfolding events, Assad is still confident on consolidating his control over Syria, especially Moscow is firmly on his side.

Russia have once called the U.S. involvement in the conflict in Syria as a gross violation of the country's sovereignty. Russia also warned the U.S. that any attack against Syrian government forces will be treated as a provocation warranting reactionary response. The Syrian conflict is becoming more complicated as U.S. presence in the country is growing everyday despite promises that America will not get sucked in to another Middle Eastern conflict.