Donald Trump's sole responsibility as President of the United States is to honor the American people. However, since Trump took office, he has used the presidential platform to display aggressive, less than honorable behavior that is self-seeking, self-serving, criminal in nature, and a disgrace to the future of America. How many unscrupulous acts has Trump committed against the American people?

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, ABC journalist, on April 15, 2018, former Fbi Director, James Comey invited the American people to a tell-all about his interactions with Trump during his short tenure as FBI director, under the Trump administration.

Comey began the interview giving specific details about his first meeting with Trump and its purpose. According to Comey, his intentions for the meeting was to alert the president about a "disturbing report" of Russian meddling in the United States presidential election. Comey recalled Trump's response moved to a "PR" conversation about how his administration could counteract the allegations. During this conversation with Trump, Comey recalled having "flashbacks to his prosecutor days" when he investigated the Mofia of Cosa Nostra. When asked, Comey then cited that the Trump administration's, "leadership culture" is similar to that of a mob boss. In case this alarming information wasn't enough, Comey later stated, he believed Trump wanted to, "establish dominance and make everyone apart of the family."

Comey further discussed and gave specific details of an exchange he had with Trump, on the same day, about Trump having sexual encounters with Russian prostitutes in 2013.

Comey stated he made the decision to withhold this information from the American people during the presidential election campaign.

Did Comey's decisions sway Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming president-elect?

Comey offered telling insights into what transpired with the alleged Clinton e-mail scandal and how he found himself in a lose-lose situation about the role he would play in the Clinton investigation, and how its outcome would ultimately affect the presidential election.

According to ABC News, Clinton was leading Trump in the election before that fatal day in Oct. 2016, when Comey admittedly, made the decision to reopen the Clinton investigation. Upon self-reflection of his actions, Comey added, he could have made better decisions. At this point during the interview, Stephanopoulos pointed out that Comey withheld information about Trump's alleged involvement with Russia meddling and Russian prostitutes but, choose not to withhold information about the Clinton investigation, practically days before election day.

Why would Comey commit such an act? Did Comey at one point have Donald Trump's best interest over Hillary Clinton? Aside from the impartial culture that seems apparent within American politics, there are even more issues that need attention like the recent Syria strike, gun control, poverty, racism, and whether or not, Trump put the lives of millions American's in danger by colluding with Russia, to win the presidential election.

At various parts of the interview, both Comey and Trump can be heard saying, "the system is rigged." But, the question is, if Comey knew he made mistakes that influenced the results of the 2016 presidential election, why did he make those decisions, as the FBI director?

Is the FBI truthfully a separate entity from the political world? Can Comey be trusted more than Trump? Can Comey be trusted at all? With his new bombshell book coming out, "A Higher Loyalty," did he have personal motivations of his own or, did he honestly and sincerely honor America with his heart? Who are we to judge?

Tales from 'the blue room'

Comey reported, he was invited to "the blue room" two days after Trump took office in Jan. 2017, along with other law enforcement officials for a public reception. Comey expressed, he had discontent for attending a public gathering with Trump since people assumed, he helped Trump win the election. Comey even recalled making attempts to blend in with blue curtains in the room, to save himself from a "public embrace" with the president, since the suit he wore was also blue.

There is a distinctive part of the Comey interview that paints a vivid picture of the American people. Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20, 2017, is played in the background where he stated, "I Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute." But days after Comey claimed he was invited to the blue room with law enforcement officials, Trump invited him to a one-on-one dinner, something that, Comey added, apparently does not happen and has not happened, since the Watergate scandal. Comey attended this dinner, under the pretense that it was a "group dinner." What's more telling, the dialogue between Trump and Comey during the dinner after Comey realized the table had been set for two.

Comey revealed, it wasn't until he and Trump began eating salad, when Trump said, "I expect loyalty, I need loyalty." Comey's initial response was that of shock, then he proceeded to tell the president, "you will always get honesty from me."

Comey stated, on February 14, 2017, Comey went back the Oval Office to give a briefing about the terrorist threat in the United States. Once the briefing concluded, Trump asked everyone to leave, except Comey. After Trump and Comey were alone, Comey claimed, Trump asked him to drop the criminal investigation of former national security advisor, Mike Flynn. Comey stated he took the comment as a "directive." Comey believed Trump knew he was doing something improper, by asking him to "let go" of the Mike Flynn investigation, a clear obstruction of justice.

Why else would Trump ask, even the vice president to leave the room to engage in private conversation with Comey?

After Comey proceeded with the Investigation of Mike Flynn, in May 2017, he was fired and, according to him, was notified of his termination via national news, which ended his extensive law enforcement career. But the questions that still remain, is Trump involved with the Russians and why exactly did he fire Comey for investigating Flynn? In the ABC interview, Trump even took to public television to inform the American people that the Russian investigation was "on his mind" when he fired Comey, therefore, it is likely Trump attempted to "obstruct justice," as Comey initially informed the American people almost a year prior.

Comey closed the interview citing, Trump is a "liar" and is "morally unfit" to be president of the United States.