First, let’s be clear, second Chances don’t come along often, so when they do come, count yourself lucky. For those of us who don’t believe second chances exist, there is one irrefutable piece of evidence that proves otherwise. A look in the mirror puts that logic to rest.

Every day we have above ground is a second chance—a second chance many of us unconsciously take for granted. When we breathe in the new day, it’s our ‘do-over’ and opportunity to get it right from the day before, and if not right—better. This concept is lost on some of us humans, and the reasons are plentiful.

However, there are two reasons that stand out most as to why we don’t harness our second chances.

One reason is we think there will be a third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth chance, without honoring the first or the second one. Others blow them because of fear of the unknown. Except they forget they already know 'the unknown' because they've 'been there' before, hence the second chance.

Infinity and beyond

Yes, it's true, there are those who believe their chances will never run out, and they can have as many as they want. This belief system is borne of a world full of unicorns and purple dinosaurs. These are the extreme narcissistic-Risk Takers and elitists who live without care, concern, thought of consequence, or tomorrow.

Now, these aren't your average adventurers or thrill seekers, who by the way are often mistaken for this group because of their common addiction to adrenaline rushes. These folks are different. It would seem their approach to enjoying the thrill is what separates the two, but it reaches deeper. It’s their worldview about how to live and interact with people that causes the intricately laced divide.

Extreme-risk takers think short term, and believe in superficial long-term-invincibility and a lifetime supply of 'Mulligans.' These individuals live without boundaries or regard for the next person, so chances aren't quantified.

2)‘Fraidy cats

When we hear quotes and colloquialisms like, “make the most of today” or “Lesson Learned,” we must strive to really live the words rather than chalk them up to just something catchy we say.

Never be afraid to fail because it is in our bounce back and second chance that we shine brightest.

Fear will rob us of our second chances--if we let it. When we are too afraid to move forward with our life-plans, hopes, and dreams, they pass us by. We hand over our ‘supposed to happen’ for ‘it will never happen,’ so it never does.

When our beliefs are stagnating and there is no energy or life force behind our desires or ideas, the gift that was meant for us withers away and dissipates. Poof! No more second chance and a very rough lesson learned. That is, if we learn it.

1) Roll with it

Why do we even get these unconditional-gifts? Some say it's because of grace, others call it mercy--and then there are those who feel deserving and just simply expect it.

These do-overs are the Universe’s way of saying here’s your test, let’s see what you’ve learned and let's check your gratitude levels. Our thankfulness is shown by how we take care of our gifts which are our prayers and affirmations manifested.

Anticipated mistakes or out-dated thinking to creep in along the journey, but along the journey, you must go. Venture forward into the land of wonderful without fear or regrets. Remember, every breath taken, thump of the heart and raindrop felt on our skin is a gift. In fact, the next five minutes could be five more second chances, yet and still, owed to no one.

So the next time you are presented with a second chance, which may actually be your third, embrace it. Love it. Appreciate it-- you never know if there will be another.