First, know that you are absolutely fabulous and it is your birthright to be prosperous. Sometimes, we're too afraid to make the choices we know we should and even get nervous when thinking about the unknown. But take comfort, feeling nervous and fearful about next steps in anything is a natural part of the journey. Remaining fearful is not.

It is easy to fall into a rut and become consumed with thoughts that nibble at the psyche and scrub away hope.This is why it is important that we never become so afraid to make a decision that we disregard options.

It's the quickest way to miss out on fully living our life's purpose. In fact, when we don't make choices, others make them for us--in one way or another.

The other thing about not making decisions is finding ourselves stuck in decision mode thereby becoming a target for random advice-givers. And, we all know there's no shortage of unsolicited advice from well-intending folks. Unfortunately, this kind of advice is usually fashioned by fear, ill-fitted for our current situation or based on a remote isolated experience.

So when it is given, we must recognize it, be grateful for the perspective and discard it if necessary. Anything that breeds fear is negative energy. This energy is in direct opposition to the pursuit of happiness and takes us away from our dreams.

And, if it is us, ourselves, who generates the Negative Energy by engaging in self-destructive behaviors, then it’s time for introspection.

To thine own self

One of the essential acknowledgments for progression toward realized dreams is knowing one’s self-- the good, the bad and the ugly. We must embrace the beauty that comes with accepting and appreciating our perceived flaws and all that makes us unique.

It is this that makes us stand out from the rest.

However, without this self-knowledge and acceptance, perpetual roadblocks to reaching that next level of prosperity can, and often does surface. When we are self-aware, we are in tune with self, and thus, in tune with our surroundings down to the company we keep.

In our self-awareness, we elevate our understanding of priorities and readily accept responsibility for our actions, all of them—even the painful ones.

This is one way to know if we are ready to harvest and harness our Dream.

What we say and do, the reason we do what we do, and the energy we put behind every word and action breathes life. This is why it is important to be clear about who we are, what we want and what we would like to achieve. Once we are clear, then we can organize our days around our goals and take concrete action.

No excuses

When we stop moving toward our goals it’s usually because of one or a combination of three road bumps that prompts us to chuck it all. The first one is impatience. When we don’t readily see the results we’re looking for or things aren’t moving as fast as we like or expect, we become discouraged and give up.

We convince ourselves that whatever goal or dream we had was ridiculous and would have never worked anyway. Why do we do this? Well, because it makes us feel better for the time being.

The second bump is coming face-to-face with the unexpected realization of being underprepared, or at worse, uninformed. Diving head first without doing our research opens one up to a whole world of uh-ohs. This is the position in which the impulsive dream maker frequently finds himself--smack dab in the middle of a cemetery of unfulfilled dreams. Now, if we know we're an impulsive dreamer, we must network to find those who can help ground us then move ahead with plans. Detailed planning is key.

And three, we allow outside forces or people to take us off course and promote the "lie-of-can't.” Once the dream is created, protecting it will be an ongoing process.

It’s called setting yourself up for success. Share the goal and desired outcome with those who support the vision, are realistic, believe in you and also challenge you to bring your best game.

Whew! Second Chances

When we make mistakes, and we all do, it can be challenging to face the fact that we screwed up or made a poor choice--then there are the consequences to consider. But the awesome thing about mistakes and the five minutes that comes after the faux pas is that we can make a conscious decision to make amends--at that very moment. Forgive self, let go and live unencumbered without regrets.

There is nothing so terrible that we cannot move past it nor a dream so lofty that we cannot achieve it.

It is our mindset and actions that lead us to either polarity. In this vein, the external factors don’t matter.

Take time daily to reflect on processes and actions you’ve taken. Then, celebrate them-- even the tiniest of movement that brings you closer to the outcome. And lastly, consider how to maximize efficiency and derive meaning from any obstacles encountered or mistakes made. The result? A smoother road ahead.

Giant-itty-bitty step forward

And now, the smallest yet biggest step of them all—tweaking one’s belief system. This step is all about the mindset and refined attunement. Start by imagining a life without fear and without limits. Don't laugh, it's possible.

In order to do this, we must fill up on the good stuff.

It’s the old adage of we are what we eat. The same applies to our belief systems, such as, we are what we think. If we fill up on optimism and practice positive affirmations, they will help to lay a strong foundation on which we can build something solid and lasting.

The power to bring forth, shape, and change the outcome of any situation is woven by our expectations and how we view life. Today is the day for releasing fears, doubts, and worries.

When apprehension is gone and replaced with courageous steps, uncommon success will trot along beside you, keeping in lock step with your plans. It has to, and it must, because it is a part of life's natural laws. All we have to do is be willing to walk through the door.