Video Games and sports are often seen as being on opposite ends of the spectrum. Video Gamers choose the comfort of a sofa, whereas athletes prefer the outdoors. However, sometimes these two polar opposites often cross paths. Video game franchises such as "Fifa" and "Madden" bring the competitive nature of sports into the living room, whereas games such as "Pokemon GO" and "Wii Sports" seek to get the gamers active. This sparks a huge debate about whether the two should be blended together in the ultimate combination of athleticism and gaming.

Benefits of blending the two together

We can all see the obvious benefits of being more active. Healthier bodies, minds, and lifestyles. It only makes sense to combine this with the greatness of video games, right? The Olympic Games are considered to be the greatest sporting event due to the wide audience it gathers from all countries and athletic backgrounds. Its diversity makes it stand out from the rest, which is very reminiscent of the video game genres that exist.

Seeing amazing video games within the Olympics seems like it would gather an entirely new crowd, with people now considering the Olympics to not only be about sport, but competitive video gaming as well. Some games blend seamlessly into the Olympic sporting events, such as the classic "Pong" for the table tennis event, "Nidhogg" for the fencing event, and even "Mario Kart" for the driving events.

There are many possible combinations, but this is where the problem lies.

People often enjoy video games due to the fact that they are a passive pastime, but sports fans enjoy the involvement that physical activities give them. Combining the two would bridge a gap that some may see as being too invasive. While it seems like a match made in heaven, the e-sports competitions give more than enough competitive nature to gaming, while staying in its own lane.

The greater possibilities

While each sport has its own video game counterpart, and vice versa, the two would probably be better off remaining separate from one another. This way, we are able to fully appreciate all of the good and bad parts of each sport, respectively. Combining the two blends together not just the events, but the fans.

They are the sole reason why sports stars and video game idols are popular in their communities, which means that if the fans aren't pleased, then the events would suffer as well.

A better proposal would be for an individual video game tournament to be held in place of the Olympics, which is basically what is already happening with the ever-growing E-Sports communities. A large-scale event for video gamers would generate so much hype and publicity that it wouldn't need to encroach on the Olympic games and its traditions. Fans of the Olympics would be able to keep their iconic tournament the same, without welcoming video games into their scene, and gamers would get their own version of the Olympics -- but dedicated specifically to video games.