This independently developed game by Double Hit Games took a story and wove it into a breathtaking painting. This painting is their current project, "Eternal Hope." There is nothing about this game that isn't beautiful, from its music and art to its story and base game mechanics.

Unfortunately, they had a rocky start, but things seem to be moving along now. The development for “Eternal Hope” began in 2016, but had to be put on hold due to minor financial issues. On top of that, the programmer left the developer team. To get around this, the team decided to start the story from scratch in January.

In an interview I conducted with Angelo Parodi, the co-founder of Double Hit Games, he confirmed that they want to release it by the end of the year, but the month has yet to be determined. After I got the chance to play the early access content, I'm hoping sooner rather than later!

The beauty of the game

In order to get noticed, indie games have to be innovative. Double Hit Games is no exception. “Eternal Hope” features low-poly art, which means that there are few polygons that make up the shapes of the game. Along with that, the background is colorful, but the foreground is done in silhouettes.

“Eternal Hope” is a 2D puzzle/platformer. Similar to “Ori and the Blind Forest,” “Child of Light,” and “Legend of Zelda,” there is a tiny winged companion that aids the main character.

The unnamed winged creature in “Eternal Hope” is designed to help the player by indicating hidden objects, secret passages, and dangerous situations.

There is a special ability that’s still mysterious to players who have gone through the early access content. On the official gamer jolt page, this ability is described as “[the player character’s] hidden powers to merge two dimensions into one.” This second dimension is still a mystery, but based on what has been seen, this dimension might be the underworld or something similar.

The unnamed player character is a silhouette wearing a white scarf and a white bracelet. The scarf has a parachute mechanic. Aside from that, it’s unknown whether these two objects have narrative significance or not.

The story of ‘Eternal Hope’

In short, it’s a story about a boy trying to revive his loved one after an unknown tragic accident.

The player character must travel the world and collect fragments of her soul.

There is so little known about the story, but we can infer that there’s at least one additional character in the game. This mysterious third character is who will offer the player character a chance to bring his lover back. This character could play two vastly different roles. Firstly, they could be the wise man who knows secret knowledge. Secondly, they could be a greedy antagonist who has a hidden agenda. We won’t know until the game comes out.

Parodi said that the tiny winged creature featured in the game will play a narrative role. This ball of light will save the main character in the early stage of the game and become friends with him.

Along with that, this winged ball of light has a significant role to play by the end of the game, but the developers have decided to keep that information secret to prevent spoilers.

The player character is confirmed to be a silent protagonist.

The game is free to download in its early access state on Gamer Jolt.