Donald Trump may boast about his business dealings and his real-estate as being the reasons why he's so successful. However, it appears that Trump just revealed a secret that he has been keeping from the citizens of the United States. Well, in all fairness, it seems like Democrats have been hinting at Trump's ability to improvise well when he doesn't know the facts of whatever he's speaking about. And other international leaders appear to have scooped up this amazing talent as well. But when it comes to his Republican followers, it seems like they saw his improv talent this week during a fundraising event.

During a private fundraiser for the Republicans, Donald Trump revealed that he was able to make up things while having serious talks with international leaders. Without much planning, Trump admitted that he could not only make things up but also convince people that what he was saying is indeed true. According to a new CNN report, it appears that he was very proud of his ability as he laughed while sharing the news.

What can really be believed?

During the fundraiser, Trump revealed that he told Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, that he refuted the facts that Trudeau was presenting Trump. He explained that he really had no idea what he was talking about, but he continued to speak as if he had just run over the numbers.

It's no wonder that Canada and the United States can't settle on a NAFTA agreement. The two countries have been negotiating for months, but is it possible that the senior advisors for the United States have no idea what they are negotiating with? If Trump has already admitted to making "huge" statements about so-called facts, do they know what they can offer?

Hopefully he knows that he can't file for bankruptcy and get out when things get tough. He can't file for divorce from the country to separate himself from the madness, as his daughter-in-law Vanessa is supposedly doing. While Trump may be laughing at his hugely amazing skills of tricking Trudeau, the Republicans may not be laughing.

At least, they aren't laughing very loudly for the media to hear.

Something to fall back on

The majority of the Democratic party are hoping to boot Trump from the White House when there's an election in 2020. Before he was elected, Trump said that it would be an honor to be President of the United States, but if he wasn't elected, he had plenty of business to go back to. His current skills apparently include making things up on the spot in hopes of convincing other world leaders that their own facts are wrong. That's ballsy, but also a tremendous skill.