Beyonce and her husband are embarking on a new 2018 tour and inquiring minds are wondering what brand of entertainment the legions of fans will receive. Queen Bey is a talented singer whose voice can stand on its own, yet she continues to mock Christ and Christianity in her stage performances. During her 2014 concert at the Rose Bowl, one member of the audience was so shocked at what she saw that she blogged about the ominous atmosphere and the Carters having numerous burning crosses on the stage. The upcoming On The Run tour will probably be a combination of talent as well as more of the bizarre.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's fame seems to outweigh their issues

Beyonce has been sporting occult symbolism, and mocking Christ. Both gestures are considered to be evidence of belonging to the alleged secret society The Illuminati. Her last two Super Bowl halftime shows, along with her Grammy performance while pregnant, all had Satanic images, in addition to her many photos posing like Baphomet, who is considered to be representative of the devil. Jay Z's "Family Feud" video is also causing a stir because it takes place in a church and his wife is dressed like a nun, covering one eye as she sings.

This is supposed to be an acknowledgment of the all-seeing eye of illumination and very troubling coming from Queen Bey, who is a woman who identifies as Christian because the Bible says Satan is the adversary of believers in Christ.

The young lady who critiqued the 2014 concert seemed quite troubled, and since then, the Carters have continued with their occult images, and it stands to reason that the OTR tour will simply be more of the same.

Queen Bey and Jay Z have a large following and the Beehive does not see to mind the images from the Dark Side.

They don't seem to care that their idol admitting that Sasha Fierce "takes her over" when she performs, and that many believe Sasha is actually a demon based on the total uninhibited transformation that takes place when Sasha is in control. These issues are far outweighed by the love of the fans.

On The Run II begins in July

The On The Run II tour begins on June 6 in the UK and tickets will go on sale in all of their usual outlets beginning Monday, March 19. No details regarding the concert have been released but one thing is certain: The Beehive and die-hard fans of the Carters will be snapping up the tickets to see their favorite performing couple on stage. Those who are paying attention to the esoteric signs surrounding Queen Bey and her husband will be awaiting news of burning crosses and Satanic imagery. It's sad because both Beyonce and Jay Z can stand on their own where their talent is concerned, without mocking Christ or inviting in evil spirits.