Most of us remember science fiction movies like "A.I." and "Terminator." They were masterpieces of great imagination and writing. It seems that what, in the past, could only be found in science fiction books is quickly becoming reality. I'm not saying I believe that machines are going to rise up and enslave humanity. I'm also not saying that there wouldn't be consequences for our actions. I'm simply suggesting that artificial intelligence may start to take the place of human contact, and we’ve already begun seeing advertisements that indicate as such.

Sure, it starts out small and innocent. Take the Hanson Robotics A.I., Sophia, for example. Many of us have seen the interviews with Sophia and have marveled at her communicative ability. technology is increasing at an alarming rate and mankind never seems to be satisfied with his accomplishments.

What are the pros and cons of A.I.?

There is no doubt that robotics and engineering have been amazing accomplishments and have helped the human race immensely. We can serve each other quicker with the help of computers. Examples include Point of Sales systems at local restaurants. We can also communicate with our loved ones states or even countries away with just the touch of a button on our cell phones or computers.

Security is harder to crack, and checking in for appointments using kiosks have cut waiting time down.

Yes, technology has been a wonderful invention. Let's look at some of the downsides of technology. What sort of negative connotations would take place? The first fear many could have is job loss. Robots are taking the place of a lot of other work.

The kiosks I mentioned are great, but they are also being put in the lobbies of well known fast food chains. A depressing thought is an A.I. replacing a lover. What would that be like? Robots don't have emotion, they would not return the emotion one may feel for them. That leads us to the biggest concern other groups have, and that is the extinction of the human race.

What are scientist's plans for future A.I.?

As I have mentioned before, scientist's have been working on upping the ante so to speak on artificial intelligence. One advertisement many of us have probably seen is the interview with a company producing the first A.I., Harmony, for sexual companionship. Sounds like a scene right out of the movie, "A.I.", doesn't it? I know many people may think, what difference does it make?

People replace other human beings for certain pleasures all the time, right? My personal opinion is that we shouldn't go down this path of replacing human contact with artificial intelligence. We already have issues with people avoiding contact due to the addiction to technology i.e.

cell phones, tablets, and virtual reality. Do we really need to add sexual contact with robots to the list? I know others may have a difference of opinion and that's okay. I've heard their side. Though I may agree to a certain extent, I stand by my own. Sure S.T.D's may decrease at first, but what would happen to the human population? It may seem to be a far-fetched concern, but many science fiction ideas are becoming a scientific fact.

How far off are we from a future along the same lines as A.I.?

Although we have A.I's like Sophia and Harmony, we are still, in my opinion, at least a decade or two away from it really affecting us. The ramifications of using A.I. for sexual pleasure are still unknown, and I again personally don't believe we should go down this path. How far we go with technology is ultimately up to the scientists and us, the human race.