These past few years have been incredibly formative for our world. We have seen many shocking developments occur in our politics, societies, and communities -- some being great; others not so much. But 2018's Winter Olympic Games hold more significance than the others for a few reasons.

The Olympic Games

As is commonly known, the Olympic Games is a great event for a country to unite together under their representative flag and sportingly compete against other countries of the world. Looking at this years Winter Olympics, the political climate is as tense as ever, with relations with Russia hitting an all-time low since scandals began emerging about Russia tampering with the election, as well as The United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union under Brexit in an attempt to claim their own sovereignty.

Watching all of the world's countries come together for the Winter Olympics is sort of like watching a household of vegans and meat eaters get together for a family dinner. The tension in the air is almost palpable, however, we have seen some signs emerge that relations are still developing.

Significant events

All eyes have been fixated on the movements of North Korea at this year's Winter Olympics, due to the fact that the games are taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea -- just a stone's throw from the DPRK. However, North Korea stunned the world by sending a team of cheerleaders to South Korea to represent their country in a positive light. This is no change from what they usually do, as a lot of publicity stunts performed by North Korea can be seen as strategic propaganda and clever manipulation of their representation.

But the cheerleaders have been the center of attention for some of the games, as they are also representative of South Korea. For example, at South Korea's figure skating event the cheerleaders were seen holding the South Korean flags and cheering on their southern counterparts.

Along with the cheerleaders, Kim Jong-un's sister also attended the ceremonies and had a very brief interaction with America's Vice President Mike Pence.

The interaction was icy, but what would you expect from the Winter Olympics? While it may have been short-lived, it is still massively significant as the two parties rarely meet outside of the DMZ (demilitarized zone) which is often a place of huge tension.

Needless to say all of the athletes have been doing their representative countries proud by displaying sportsmanship.

Each athlete is burdened with massive amounts of pressure this year due to their current state of world politics, however, there has been an overwhelming air of calmness displayed by them. This could be hugely important in terms of foreign relations as we head into an uncertain future.