Streams of creativity should flow into a single river that carries everything forward harmoniously. A person requires similar integration in order to sense the freedom in wholeness. Triadic Philosophy is the river. One stream is Abba's Way, noted in the previous article. Another stream is what I have called cyber-communities. I have written several articles on the subject. This article affords the chance to say something about myself and cities. I was born in Manhattan, NY. The year was 1936. I spent much of my early life here and as you can surmise this is where I live now.

I have done many different sorts of work here, most recently for UN agencies.

When I completed my education here in 1951, I worked in the civil rights arena and based in Chicago where I founded and edited a prize-willing magazine called Renewal. It was while there that I became conversant with the city and urban problems.I studied in Athens with an eminent pioneer in city planning, the late C. A. Doxiadis. I early surmised that the key to many difficulties centered on our worship of the car. It still amazes me that we fail to see that as long as the car rules our imaginations, we will have the effects of fossil fuel pollution until gas and oil are gone.


In the time since then, the idea of cyber-communities took shape.

I tried to imagine a form of living all could afford. It had to be car-free. And it had to integrate residence, work, commerce and everything else we might associate with a city with global reach. I envisioned cyber-communities as the model for a global future that would be made up of safe, secure, weather-resistant units of up to 10,000 persons.

These could be clusters or stand-alone.


Anyone who has ever played with Lego pieces must have imagined life in which the same ease of building translated itself to the big world out there. No? Well, try it now. Because my cyber-communities require moveable components that can be assembled on the spot. My cyber-communities create a shell of any shape that covers the whole and handles the heavy lifting.

I call all of that a matrix. Actual space that we use and occupy is surfacing that can be assembled as anyone wishes.

There is much more to this, and I shall integrate into the following articles materials that flesh out Triadic Philosophy so that it emerges as a means of living in this world. Show me a philosophy that does that, and I will simply say, good. There's another. In the meantime, I will watch the world choke itself on traffic. Business, as usual, will collapse in due time.