Am I speaking for Jesus? Absolutely. Why should he mind? Someone has to. Jesus poses a binary choice because of the perfidy of Christianity. It is intolerable for the church to be for war. Even when you get a dictator who is racist and so forth, war is not the solution. Nonviolence is. Jesus was violent only once. Hear this.

Jesus was violent in the Temple because people were turning a place of prayer into a den of thieves. That’s the only recorded time he snapped.

When they crucified Jesus, he was the soul of nonviolence. When he was scourged he did not fight back.

And get this. He had guts. In other words, nonviolence has guts. If you want to defeat an incipient dictator, stand up. Be brave. There will be casualties.

Nonviolence wins

The dolt in the White House wants a military parade. Voila!

In return, he s going to get nonviolence and it amounts to more than you may have ever seen or known. The bravery we associate with the military is majestic and winning when it moves from the field of harm and killing enemies to nonviolently facing those who should be your friends. We must be willing to die for the freedom they are taking from us.

Nonviolence does not fight. It wins.

Things in store

I have spoken many times about the democratic revolution that will sweep the US and the world this century. It would be a supreme pleasure to expire knowing I was right.

The late Gene Sharp left us good objectives – strengthen the people; fire up determination. Grow forces of resistance.

Create a wise plan for a democratic, fair future. Be skillful in implementation.

You know that man was serious.


Dictators are weak. Nonviolence is strong. Support of dictators is iffy. They make mistakes. They lose confidence in subordinates and conduct purges. The subordinates respond by subverting from within. Sharp says that ideologies can disintegrate.

No situation is exactly the same. The USA may have some hidden aces to use in bringing Mr. trump down. The law might be one. Just possibly Mr. Mueller will indicate that the law has been broken and it is even possible that some of Trump’s GOP followers might agree. Miracles can happen.


But be prepared is not merely the Boy Scouts’ marching song. It is also a good motto for Triadic thinkers as they consider the implication of Mr. Trump’s forthcoming military flourishes.

Even with Trump gone, prospects for a peaceful world are hardly sure. We have many bad actors here and elsewhere. We must gear up for a season of nonviolence, emulating Jesus in ways we may never have faced before.