There is a lot of loose talk these days. There are those who knowingly create fanciful narratives and manage to get them lofted to a position of prominence. This can be said of the current efforts of Mr. Nunes and those who promote his false versions of events. Such fanciful spins are not deserving of circulation or attention.

Yet there they are. Efforts to rebut them are inevitably relegated to the back pages. Mr. Trump is a promoter of such falsehoods.


The opposition to Trump is hapless. They are starting to see that Trump has managed to hoodwink not only the true believers of the hard right but much of the rest of the GOP.

Opponents are cowed by the thought that Trump, whom they hate, is succeeding with his campaign to make America great again spiel.

Trump supporters see themselves as patriotic, forgiving and realistic. A strongman in the White House who loves business and really does turn the clock back covers a multitude of sins.


The problem is that the cover may not be enough. The smart money is hedging bets and gambling that Trump may succeed. But it is hardly a certainty. America is in love with the binary. But the world is ultimately Triadic. That means Nonviolence finally triumphs.

Without ethics, the world recedes. Without acts of nonviolence, decency, truth, and beauty life itself atrophies.


Binary is short term.

In the US the conflict between binary and triadic is now partisan. The things that distinguish triadic persons are fairness and nonviolence.

The activities of the binary are intolerable. That means tolerance is on hold. The actions of the President are distinctly unhelpful, so helpfulness takes a hit.

Democracy is on the ropes. We must aggressively defend it

We will not solve things until the binary itself has receded.


The end of the present crisis may well be nonviolent conflict carried forward by those who exercise political defiance in the face of intolerable acts.

Americans are fickle. They will bend with the majority if it is endowed with power.

Without power, the majority suffers, but rarely enough to elicit the needed defiance.

Those who are resolutely triadic, who resonate to the Truth And Beauty of successful nonviolent action, are the true heroes of the future.


The triadic agenda sees universal fairness as attainable, overcoming the economic polarization that now dominates. It sees basic income in some form overcoming the humiliations of homelessness and deep poverty. It accepts fallibility as the price of being a free human being.

And the nicest thing is that it inevitably wins.


Among the signs of coming victory, the triumph of nonviolence, are triadic messaging that spreads through all communications venues, statements and petitions, viral slogans and images and signs, public actions that suggest the future, parades, teach-ins, divestments, boycotts, resignations and unwillingness to cooperate in any effort that demeans, bullies or harms.

As long as binary thinking is given top billing, we need to stand up more and more for what is good, beautiful, and truthful.