Most Star Wars fans can agree the mysterious Boba Fett is one of the most amazing characters in the galaxy. Although he has one of the shortest screens plays yet, he is very popular. The EU(expanded universe) shows just how powerful Boba Fett truly is. Today I'll be reviewing the Comic "Boba Fett-Overkill."

Intro, setting, and plot

The story starts off with two seemingly dim-witted Imperials, Kelmont and Manech. The setting is On an outer-rim planet called Troska with their commander, Bozk. Unsatisfied because the duo knows Troska is where "career dies." The plot starts off with trouble at a local refinery ran by the royal Kyber family.

Tensions are high between the family and Imperials, as local strikes stop production of fuel.

Officer Manech has plans of his own as he strives for promotion to commander. The two set up good humor as the plot progresses forward. Manech, with his aspirations, decide to try to end the blockade by hiring Boba Fett Throughout the story Kelmont disagrees with Manech's plan to hire Fett to "knock some sense" into the Kyber family. We can only assume Manech's plans as it seems he is hiding vital information.

Meeting Boba Fett

The meeting is short with Boba as Manech informs him the plan. Boba quickly takes the money and leaves. After Buzk hears the plan, he becomes furious and orders troops and ties bombers to invade the palace. When Boba meets king Natas of the Kyber family, the king offers Boba twice as many credits to fight off the Imperials; Boba agrees to state that his loyalties are to credits.

The king activates the palace's defense turrets and fires everything in the range including Fett.

After a short scuffle, an admiral from a nearby system lands and arrest Buzk for "being a traitor." Lt. Manech gets promoted to commander. Manech's intentions revealed to Kelmont that Manech planned out everything. The comic ends with Manech offering Boba a contract for full-time protection, but Boba disagreed. Fett knows that Manech could not afford him.

Boba hints that they may run into each other again.

My review

Overall I loved this comic. It shows how strong and fearless Boba Fett is. Also, it shows how loyal he is to credits, which is correct in other books and comics in the EU. what I liked about the two main imperial characters is that the author lets them carry the humor and kept it lights and not too corny.

There is also a good twist in the comic. I believed that Manech was just dim-witted and had no clue that Boba would betray him but in fact, he set up the ordeal. I liked how the author also chose to keep Kelton out of the loop. I enjoyed the author's choice of sarcasm when the two Imperials asked: "whats the worst that could happen?"

While Boba Fett is single-handily destroying the KyberRoyal palace. Overall I give "Boba Fett-Overkill" a solid 8/10! I took off 2 points for the art style. and the low action I wouldn't expect from a Boba Fett comic. It is a must read if you're a Fett fan.