Everyone can identify with a superhero or two no matter the age, gender or any other spectrum, but why do we do this? As a culture, we try to find ways to make our lives seem a little worthwhile. It seems better in a way to give The Youth of today a better grasp on how to treat each other as well as themselves.

From Captain America’s Steve Rogers to Iron Man’s Tony Stark, many to claim that mental health is a must in the world. Taking to social media to share thoughts and ideas, as well as to boost one other when things get a little rough. It goes to show that there are in fact good people out there and most of all we have superheroes to thank.

Tackling mental health issues

As many people around the world know there has always been a barrier around the topic of mental health issues ranging from depression to anxiety, which seems to grow in the world of today’s youth rapidly. The heroes we know and love like ’Captain America,’ ’Iron Man,’ ’The Incredible Hulk’ and the ’Winter Soldier’ have some form of depression or anxiety, but why are they so real to us? What about them can make it seem like they’re someone we know in person? Humans tend to attach to someone, fictional or real, and find parts of ourselves in them.

We seem to have a very keen sense of attraction to someone we deem worthy and choose to “adopt” their personal feats. More often than not, this helps us to overcome our own problems, and we tend to find a sense of control when things tend to get too much.There are entire blog posts and novels written on how we connect to superheroes, also why we don’t, and yet we have such a hard time communicating the thoughts and the feelings as to why we are impacted so my by these legendary individuals.

The ones that give us comfort or the ones that give us a reason to smile.

Representation of minorities and other cultures

As we’ve seen over the weekend, Marvel’s ’Black Panther’ has represented one of the most targeted and disrespected cultures and backgrounds of the world. Actors and films like these — where we rarely see someone of color in the lead or as the whole cast, for that matter — give empowerment and comfort.

Giving voice to real issues across the world, across the United States, and giving encouragement to people of color to rise and be strong. This country was built by immigrants and given power by the people that came here. People Of Color come from a loud and proud culture, something that is not easily taken down, and many believe this is the start of a revolution.

It’s not a statement but the fact that things need to change; that change begins with representing those that deserve it.

Wonder Woman’ gave rise to women being in power and having the ability to not only fight for themselves but for what they believe in. Whether folks want to believe it or not, women are the foundation of human life. Surely men play a part in it as well, but women are the reason why we can be strong or have a heart.

There is no justifying why women deserve more of the limelight. There is no denying that male superheroes have dominated the silver screen, or even the comic books we cherish, for decades. Again, ’Wonder Woman’ has given a shining example of women in the superhero community, as well as women of different backgrounds being just that — super.

Representation of the LGBT+ community

From DC’s ’Batwoman’ and ’Midnighter’ to Marvel's ’Mystique' and ’Wiccan,’ there is a wide variety of representation in the LGBT+ community in the superhero world. Perhaps there’s less of a destigmatization of homosexuality there, but there is a wide spectrum the youth of the world turns to. The existence of this factors into why social media websites such as Tumblr has such a huge following from all ages, genders, backgrounds, and creeds.

There is no doubting the world so loved and well respected continues to gain popularity, the Youth Of Today feel more welcome, supported, represented and loved there. Whether we would like to admit it or not, there is definitely a comfort zone in fictional worlds that we read about.

Perhaps a part of our soul resides there; perhaps it’s just us relating to people that live in them. Either way, there is a definite connection between them and us that we can no longer deny. What is better way there to live if not in love with our own lives and our own skins?