Many have been debating the idea of Spring actually being, well, Spring. The ideas that everything blooms again, nature starts herself all over in a beautiful array of colors, formations, and even in people. (Unless you have severe allergies such as myself, in that case, this article may not be for you.) So, the real question the Spring season lovers are asking just so happens to be is Spring really coming this year?

I think it is. Spring allows some of the most beautiful showcases Mother Nature has to offer-- whether in humans themselves or in her wondrous works of art like trees and flowers-- even the skies we see day and night, just for example.

But what about all this rain and snow we’re seeing? Will all of this winter blow away the beauty of nature itself? I think not.

For a long time, we’ve been letting the news and even society around us dictate what Spring is. Few people keep in mind what it’s all about, besides the beauty, we get surrounded by. Spring is a feeling, not a man-made construct of time or what society thinks we should do. Spring is about starting over-- the rebirth of what we could be; what nature wants to be. Spring, as well as the Easter holiday, is about new life, new beginnings, and new hope.

Traditions of Spring and a cultural meaning

Another thing about Spring, regarding feelings, is how we want it to feel. Just because the weather is bad outside doesn’t mean it should inside, either.

“Spring cleaning” is a thing for a reason, folks. Not because the olden days' housewives would go stark-raving mad over a mess in Spring or because we felt “Well, it’s a new season and everything outside is beautiful! It should be the same inside!”

Or we have to break our backs to make things presentable for the imaginary president that will be waltzing into our homes any minute now is going to judge us on our furniture choices and the dust layer on the mantel above the fireplace.

Spring cleaning, to me at least, is about making Spring come alive inside-- where we spend a majority of our time. Making ourselves feel good and getting rid of the Winter sadness we don’t want anymore. Here’s the thing about “cleansing Winter” I want at least one person to take away from this.

We don’t do the Spring cleaning thing for funsies.

We do the Spring cleaning things because it makes our souls feel lighter and cleaner. We are literally wiping the “Winter Blues” away with everything we get rid of or clean off. It’s the literal sense of washing our hands of something we no longer want — at least for a little while. We all love the idea of Winter and even Autumn, but after a while, it does get a little stuffy. That’s why we cleanse our homes and souls of the cobwebs and give new light and new life to our inner selves. A spiritual cleansing, if you will.

Giving a chance to the art of renewal

Something else I’d like to discuss is the art of renewal. People, for centuries, have bought into the idea that everything not only must be exactly where it was, or something must be replaced for even the slightest imperfection.

I don’t think that’s how we should do it. Remember, Spring is about new life and new beginnings? Why not throw out the old rug you’ve had for several years now and get that one you saw that blew you away?

Why not get a new paint job for your living room and bedroom? Why not give character and a happier buzz to your life and make others feel welcome in your home? If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t want people in your home, to begin with, but if the opportunity should arise, why not? Make an art out of this terrible Winter season we’re having, folks. Make yourself feel good and bring the Spring inside for once. I’m sure the old Easter Bunny would enjoy it. After all, what are we if not a culture and species of celebrating new things?