Donald Trump has the power to change everything. And, yet everything will stay the same with gun owners. Those that don’t have an AR-15 gun will find it more challenging to get one. However, no one will say a thing. If he does it quickly, Donald Trump, our president, can issue an order to his justice department to make the purchase of any future automatic rifles illegal. He can risk losing his base, but the risk is small.

Mandate guns off the market and wait for the backlash

In the aftermath of the mass killing in Parkland Fla., there is no self-respecting person in the country that would utter a single word, were the president to step right up to the podium and proclaim that, while we need intensive help for our mentally troubled in this society, and the Federal Government is willing to get the ball rolling in that direction; I cannot in clear conscience allow the sale of one more AR-15 rifle to a public citizen in the United States.

The design is military, the ammunition is not of hunting caliber, and to the best of my knowledge, there is no other sportsman’s use for an automatic weapon. Having done almost the exact same thing with the “bump-stock" accessory only a couple of days ago, without much backlash, he should act here and now to do the same with the AR-15 or all Automatic Weapons.

Lack of access to automatic weapons will not affect anyone

To those that feel that this would infringe upon your Second Amendment rights, I’m sorry, you are wrong. I understand the desire for a gun enthusiast to hold an automatic weapon and shoot one. I imagine it’s kind of like the "Richard Petty Experience" for the muscle car enthusiast.

You can go and experience the power of a driving machine, never meant to be used in public, but you won’t own one and take it out on the public highways and byways. It just isn’t allowed. Back to the automatic rifle. You can either join a gun club where they are allowed to keep AR-15’s locked up for member usage inside the club, or you can join the military.

Reasonable actions may have reasonable consequences

So here is the formula. For some conundrums, it is just easier to apologize and ask for forgiveness than to ask permission. Reasonable actions after 17 children and adults were murdered, because of the rapid-fire attributes of an automatic weapon, are to take the offending weapon off the retail market, and ask others in ownership, all 15 million, if they would voluntarily turn theirs in.

You then whether the storm of criticism, though I don’t think there’ll be one, and life goes on. Everything stays the same. Everything changes and nothing changes for gun owners. Crickets.

Donald Trump, here is your chance for a lasting legacy for the good of mankind.