Over the last week, Donald Trump has been forced to face a variety of issues, while receiving a wide-range of criticism due to his responses. After the press secretary did her best to defend the president, arriving over an hour late to her own press briefing, she quickly faced backlash.

Sanders on Trump

Despite his best efforts, Donald Trump has not been able to deflect the negative attention surrounding his administration.

It's been just one week since the deadly mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida where 17 innocent people were killed by a former student. Since then, students have spoken out, even going as far as to stage protests, walk-outs, and plan for larger protests in the future. In addition, Trump has been dealing with the latest news in the Russian investigation, as well as another woman coming out to accuse him of sexual assault at Trump Tower.

These issues and more were discussed during the February 20 press briefing at the White House.

After arriving nearly an hour and a half late, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took questions from reporters and did her best to defend Donald Trump, but came under fire for her response. "One of the places where you guys seem to get very confused, and it seems to happen regularly: the president hasn't said that Russia didn't meddle.

What he's saying is it didn't have an impact, and it certainly wasn't with help from the Trump campaign," Sanders said.

After being pressed on Trump's recent tweet blaming the FBI for the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Sarah Sanders responded. "The cause of this is that of a deranged individual that made a decision to take the lives of 17 other people," she said.

Instant reaction

Within minutes of Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefing, critics of the president lashed out. "Oh yeah, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, keep pushing the time for today’s White House briefing back, so you can claim there’s not enough time for more than 1-2 questions," one tweet read.

"CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is fuming at the WH.

I’m confident Brooke could kick Sarah Huckabee Sanders a** if they met in the Octagon," a Twitter user wrote. "We already know WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cannot tell the truth to save her life; now we also know she can't tell time either. It's been days since last daily briefing, and it's hour(s) late today," a follow-up tweet added.

"I try not to comment on things like this, but is Sarah Huckabee Sanders missing some eye shadow in one eye?" yet another tweet noted.

"This is possibly the most miserable that (SHS) has ever looked upon starting a press briefing, and she's straight out of the gate in insulting the press," a social media user went on to note. "And again, we're back to (SHS) and her inability to lie convincingly or covertly. Hers are blatant and sad," a follow up tweet added. With another press briefing in the books, Donald Trump and his team don't look to be moving back from their talking points.