Now trump is not a truth-teller. His base thinks he is. But they are wrong. Here's a case that proves the point.

Trump has more than once loudly proclaimed that he has nothing to do with Russia. There can be no doubt that he is talking about now, as he speaks. He is in his hotel or wherever he is. And no, he has nothing to do with Russia. Sort of like Ted Williams standing in a creek fishing saying he has nothing to do with baseball. The evidence in both cases bares the Lie.

So why has Trump lied so consistently when the preponderance of evidence is that he has multiple contacts with Russia that go back to before much of the world population was even born.

In the late 1980s, Trump decided he was the one to end the Cold War. He tried to get to Gorbachev. He had dinner with contact prospects. He was considered weird and grandiose. Nothing came of it.

Recent has become 2015

The current standard for proving Trump a liar is 2015. It was then that intelligence agencies from all over compiled evidence of Trump-Russia ties.

Now Trump must have enough effective memory to recall Russia matters from three years ago. But in the face of the list of countries that knew about Trump he continues to lie. How can that be?

Come, come! It works. This is the price of pragmatism minus values. Trump lacks values but he knows what works. Every horrible thing Trump has ever done has worked.

The reason for Triadic Philosophy is precisely because the evil and good function in relation to a choice of values.

If selfishness.and coercion are what make you tick, then evil will doubtless ensue, often to yourself and probably to others.


The proper parsing of reality does not make us raving optimists. It suggests with Dr. King that the progress of good is slow but sure.

Trump will last as long as people accept his lies for whatever reason they may have.

Reality is two things. It is things as they are now, a panorama we can only see in part. And it is things that will come as the values of decency take hold in more and more persons.


One hopes that religions will embrace democracy, helpfulness, and tolerance. But these values are universal. That means that they are within all persons. Turn conscience on and they come up.

Trump may face new indictments this week based on knowledge everyone has access to. The days of Trump are numbered. How many remain depends on many things, but it is a sure bet because as Einstein suggested god does not play dice.