The Internet, the service that you are currently using to read this article is a service a person rarely thinks about. The Internet and your right to use it and so many other services without having to worry about being discriminated against is in danger. These services are the ones that we all use on a daily basis like the internet, cable and phone services etc. Outlets we use to exercise our freedom of speech and to stay connected are being threatened to be snatched away from us just because Facebook doesn't like you.

The definition of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality by definition is "the principle that internet service providers and the government should treat all data on the internet equally not discriminating or charging differently." December 14, 2017, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approved former Verizon Lawyer and Trump appointee, Ajit Pai's "The Restoring Internet Freedom Order" which takes down Net Neutrality.

"The Restoring Internet Freedom Order" allows and gives cable, phone and internet companies the ability to block and discriminate against whoever they choose and for whatever reason they choose to. The passing of this new order not only goes against the voices of the begging people but the countless numbers of petitions and letters that they continue to receive daily.

What does it mean for us?

What does this mean for us? This means that all those LGBT, BLM movements and countless others can easily be cut off from their most valuable resources. That means the family-owned business around the corner can go out of business because their marketing outlets are being taken away. That means your little brother who just went off to college flunks out of school because he is unable to get to the content he needs to because they are all charging him an arm and leg each just because they can.

What can we do? The fate of our services now lies in the hands of Congress. While the order has already been thrown out of court, the two times it made it to that level, it has made it yet again to Congress. We can march, send letters, start petitions, even have a peaceful sit-in. As we can already tell by the blatant disregard to relentless begging for Net Neutrality to stay in place, we should take our faith, no matter what you may believe in.

You can pray for it or you can manifest it. Whatever it is you choose to do we must go beyond the FCC, beyond Congress, beyond them all. We, the people must do what we can to maintain the few rights that the government has allowed us to hold onto because in the end we are all that we have.

Don't allow them to strip you of your rights. Vote YES on Net Neutrality.