Well, that did not take very long! The almost-retired senator from Utah, Orin Hatch, gave reporters plenty to ponder after hearing Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe speech. It seems Mr. Hatch has already found a pet project to keep himself occupied in his upcoming retirement, giving Oprah advice on her possibly running in the 2020 presidential election. A report by Politico provided information for this article.

Scratching their heads

The idea of the conservative Republican offering help to Oprah is rather intriguing. However, now that Orin’s commitment to tax overhaul is all but in stone, he can jump across party lines as he has done in the past.

Could Mr. Hatch provide Oprah with election winning tips and tricks? Only time will tell. Someone must convince Oprah to run for the position of president first, then we can witness what Orin will bring to the table.

Hitting the ground running

Although Oprah has yet to announce any political goals or intentions to run in the 2020 presidential election, that has not stopped fans from producing a mountain of memorabilia and campaign swag. Online promotional items include buttons, t-shirts, mugs, and so on. All with the enthusiasm of hopeful dedicated supporters. These eager folks are jumping on this bandwagon that has not even left the station.

Not another celebrity

There are already plenty of critics decrying the thought of another celebrity running for this country’s main office.

However, I believe that in Oprah’s case her public persona could be nothing but beneficial for her political case. She is supportive of women’s rights, education, LGBTQ community, and judicial justice, among other causes. When Oprah defends her stance, she does it with conviction, reason, and panache, characteristics our current leader, Donald Trump, lacks.

Generosity becomes her

While Trump is pre-occupied with awarding money and contracts to his fellow billionaires, Oprah is out there giving away her fortune to the little guy. Unlike our president, who hordes his supposed wealth and hides behind his empire, Ms. Winfrey’s generosity and philanthropy are well known throughout the world.

Oprah demonstrates the concept of “giving back” in a most benevolent fashion, to the tune of millions. Her philanthropy has landed her at the top of the “Most Generous Celebrities” list more than once and has some reports indicating she has given away over $230 million since 1998 through her Oprah Winfrey Foundation. I doubt will we ever see Donald Trump donate a fraction of that amount if anything at all.

O for the win

Is it possible that Oprah will step forward and announce her candidacy? I am hopeful. Is it possible she can take down one of the most egotistical rulers of the world? I am hopeful. Is it possible, if elected, Oprah can make changes this nation so desperately needs? I am hopeful. With only two years away, “HOPRAH” reigns in my book and I will cheer on Ms. Winfrey for the win.