We are close to a point where self-education will trump formal education. I am a poster child for this. I’ve learned more and thought better since the Internet began than I did acquiring Phi Beta Kappa at a good college in 1958 and doing three-plus years of graduate work.

I have in this century met C. S Peirce, William Shakespeare, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Fredrich Nietzsche and many others. On the way to the Internet, I acquired some skills of psychosynthesis which, with a few emendations, improves on Freud. Somehow I acquired the talents involved in journalism, writing and refusing to think inside a box.

I am hardly alone in this volkerwanderung. Nor do I know that much. Less and less, in fact.

Beyond the camps

We are no longer captives of a culture that made it impossible for an idea to pass muster unless it came from a campus. Anyone can claim they’ve found a helpful way that might make sense for others to examine. Someone with no desire to become someone can sit as I do and peacefully type what I deem revolutionary, even salvific. Salvific means salvation-tending. We will all of us make a revolution that is nonviolent and centered on the growth of Mastery.

Triadic mastery is the occasion for this introduction. I now believe each soul on this planet contains the capacity to master as much as any other.

Equality includes what would emerge in all under optimal conditions. We so devalue ourselves that the notion of Universal mastery is no doubt a most unusual idea.


Mastery is imprisoned inside us. Consciousness, a prerequisite of rational thought, is universally available. So is originality and the capacity to surprise.

This is proved by every group that has the moxie to insist they matter. All are blocked some way. But that is merely a summons to take another route.

A favorite friend of long ago is a great sci-fi writer. He cannot spell his way out of a paper bag. His brilliance is too palpable for this world. I read great mathematicians but cannot do the math.

Mastery is a discovery of who we really are, idiosyncrasies and all.


Education is impossible without curiosity. There are no stages of life to speak of anymore. Education should be always. Mastery is not doffing a klutz persona. It is self-respect and confidence that you are your best self and acting on it.

Justice is enabling mastery to achieve full flower in all. It is recognizing that our knowledge of ourselves and our capacities is in its infancy. It is seeing evolution as real and present and at times almost sudden.