Have you ever thought about deleting your Facebook account, but ended up backing down. After reading this article, you will definitely want to delete your Facebook, or a least deactivate it for a few weeks. This is an opinion article and it does not necessarily reflect Blasting News' point of view.

Difference between deleting versus deactivating your account

You could probably find this answer on the Facebook help website, but I will simplify it for you. Deactivating your account means no one will be able to search for your profile or see you on their news feed.

In contrast to deleting your account, you can access your Facebook account again whenever you want. Deleting your account means you will not be able to access your Facebook again, and the only thing left from you would be the messages you sent to people.

Why should you deactivate your account?

You should deactivate your Facebook account if you need a break from all the drama that is going on with Facebook; and lately, fake news. You will definitely find fake news in other websites, but at least it will be more obvious. There is also #FOMO or the fear of missing out. You will experience it, but it won't be hard to ignore it if you think about what people who are using #Facebook are missing out on.

You can go outside and have fun (don't drink and drive), or find a hobby that does not require you to give all your private information. You don't have to worry about status updates, changing your profile picture, comparing yourself to your 'Facebook friends' and not knowing whether something is an #ad or not.

Lastly, by deactivating it, you have the opportunity of coming back.

Before deciding to activate it again, think about using Instagram or #WhatsApp, which are also owned by Facebook.

Why should you delete your Facebook account?

You should delete your facebook account if you get bullied or are becoming so addicted, you can't go an hour without it. The setbacks of deleting your Facebook account are that there are websites, applications, and programs, that you can not comment, sign up or even see, without a facebook account.

In my opinion, that should be illegal. In retrospect, they do it to keep spam out of their websites.

The big answer as to why you should delete your Facebook account is expectations. Being able to scroll down and look at other people's lives can make you depressed, even when you are doing fairly well. Many people do not care about privacy or fake news, but the expectations facebook sets, like your relationship status or how many friends you have, are a lot to handle.

Lastly, you give all of your information to Facebook and they sell it to companies that will target you with their ads. The companies do not know who you are, but they do have a profile about you, which make advertisement companies know which products you should or shouldn't see in your news feed.

As an alternative, if you miss talking to your Facebook friends, you can use Facebook Messenger without creating a Facebook account, but you are giving your phone number to Facebook, so weigh your risks.