I have, with mischief in mind, used the term Mastery to subvert hallowed language. Mastery, when you google it or search on YouTube, points to a common and hoary meaning. Mastery, as seen on the Internet, is more or less the binary perpetuation of a world in which losers vastly outnumber winners.

I have a very short space in which to demolish this.

Triadic philosophy

Let me say that, Triadic Philosophy, as far as I understand it, overturns the notion of masters and slaves. This is how things were and even how they remain today, in some places. That is disgusting and we reject it.

We also reject Nietzsche’s notion of master-slave. Nietzsche had no love for either part of this binary construct. He thought masters were who they were, people nothing like what he hoped would emerge. He thought slaves got off on resentment. He did not see that slaves are often as smart as masters.

Triadic philosophy thinks that Marxism and other notions of class are being demolished. It knows religions are in retreat globally, despite their fundamentalist death throes. It promotes a world where tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy are not lyrics for some cosmic “Kumbaya,” but are instead the three values by which all should live.


Triadic mastery suggests those who tout mastery as the province of the present order and its elites are premature.

We are on the cusp of realizing genius is accessible in all. We are moving to a day when rights are Universal and democracy is global.

Binary is the best way to describe most books and videos on power and mastery and success. The little undercurrent that accompanied the terms nerd and klutz is faint. But in the meantime, the rise of cyber and some development have combined to create a revolution that favors the presuppositions of triadic thinking.

The majority of the world population has always leaned toward decency. Media and culture have been saturated by the evil side of things. That will change.


Mastery will be what we look for in each newborn child. There are myriad forms of competence, genius, skills, and/or talents. Mastery, seen as a positive, universal thing, will shed light on the lie of a posturing world that still functions in binary ways.

Triadic philosophy adds ethical and aesthetic plug-ins to thinking. It requires that everyone agree to a few things being true whether believed or not. These are are the values of tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Aesthetics applies to all that we do. We aim for truth and beauty in all acts and expressions. That’s it.

True masters in the future will live triadically.