Triadic philosophy boils down to forgiveness and twenty-five words. Wittgenstein noted that the important things are largely unspeakable. Well, we have reached a key point in history and all human beings must learn and speak the word that leads to good.

It sounds almost Monte Python to be speaking of good, but speak we do. In a world where lies seem to be gaining currency and confusion is the penalty, we need to stand up and be counted. George Orwell was no fool.

Forgiveness is being unburdened of your wrongs in exchange for your forgiveness of the wrongs of others.

freedom is a key term in a daily routine that also notes truth, beauty, love, and justice. Merely having these terms daily in the theater of your mind is a seismic victory for human progress.


Being free is wonderful but it is well beyond what must be understood by the word freedom. The word freedom applies to situations where choice itself does not exist. A choice is a foundation on which the conscious human being builds.

The word free applies to a person who has ascended to a point where being loving and free is natural and liberating to all who encounter it. People without universal consciousness create a counterfeit of this and make it a basis for promoting something partial, something binary, something that takes sides and masks cruelty.

A person who is free and loving does not trumpet it about or even know it is anything more than a passing state.

Free is thus ephemeral and nothing says the free person is really home free. Only willed consciousness and daily observance of the core of the triadic vision protects against the violation of what is free. Again, freedom at its most elementary level is choosing what one will do.

Love and justice

Love is not really loving if one cannot choose it consciously and understand that it must be just. Finally, it matters if one pulls an oar in a relationship. It matters if things are not equal.

There are cultures where elementary choices are denied. There are whole nations that aspire to global domination where choice is radically curtailed and folks are imprisoned merely for speaking out against perceived injustices.

No, freedom as choice must precede and enable both love and justice.

Justice fades as a necessity when it infuses love when societies are truly just. Then love can rise to a surpassing position. But few can even imagine that we have come that far.

We will get there to the extent that we move from today's binary culture to one that understands why #triadic makes much more sense.