college can be very overwhelming for many newcomers. The workload, freedom, and responsibility is quite a lot. For some, it’s hard to meet people, they get swallowed by the coursework or simply cannot find the motivation. For many people, college might not be the way to go but if it is then these Tips can definitely help you have a successful time in school while still having fun.

1. Planning ahead

College itself is a lot to handle and being unprepared and unorganized can make it 10 times worse. The teachers will give you a syllabus, which is basically a schedule of work for that class that says when assignments are due and what they are about.

USE THE SYLLABUS! Get a planner and write out all the assignments and papers, along with the due dates so you are not surprised one day with an assignment. You can even get work done ahead of time, which leaves less stress and more quality time for yourself.

2. Be organized

It gets confusing, hard, rushes you, and stresses you out, but with a few little things, you can help that. Get an organizing system like a paper filer for your syllabus, printouts, etc. If you need to, write a note to yourself and put it somewhere that you will always look, like the mirror or above your desk.

3. Ask when you have the chance and use campus resources

Having trouble in class? Not understanding a lesson? Well, there is no need to fear, because you have a power.

The power to raise your hand in class and ask about your problem. Never be afraid for ask in class, no question is a “dumb” question. Take advantage of your opportunities! Which brings me to my next point. If there are campus resources then use them to your advantage. Many schools will have extra help, peer tutoring, math and writing centers and almost all of you teachers will have office hours for you to come in and get help.

Use that! Get the help you need when you need it. Also, there is a ton of online tutoring and helpful videos out there that can help as well.

4. Sleep schedule is key

Now let's be real here. Its hard to get some good sleep in college, but trust me, there is a way to do it. Napping is essential but it won't do too much for you to have a good and productive day.

Yes, there are nights where you are up late doing work, but don't stress the night away. Do half that night and maybe do more in the morning. Sleep is 100 percent necessary in college!

5. Its ok to have fun

College is a time where you break free and become independent. Go out, meet people, maybe party a bit here and there, but never forget what is important. If there's a party this weekend and you have a big exam on Monday, maybe you should miss out on this party. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more soon. Priorities help make time for your fun!