In the scales of existence, we human beings are as close to zero as you can get. Relative to earth we may have a bit of heft, but speaking cosmically we are hardly there. Still, if we measure ourselves by power and possibility, we are giants, all of us

Our power comes from something within us that we will know but never see. It is our power to choose. Our most potent capacity is the sovereign right to say yes or no.


The reason democracy is, with tolerance and helpfulness, one of the three universal action values, is that the world depends on it.

Voting is the best measure we have of sentiment. Each individual matters because it is painfully obvious that Reality itself is at stake.

Reality is the totality of everything. Ourselves, the world, the cosmos, whatever else is out there. The remarkable thing is that we happen to be conscious parts of reality and what we do affects the whole.

Democracy is our recognition that we have a stake in what happens. We already know that because whatever we do have an effect that registers on the scale of events. We move forward or stay stalled according to our own decisions.


In the United States, we fancy that we are alone in being a nation where elections are won by the thinnest of margins. That is the situation that exists everywhere.

It is not that people are deciding whether to do nothing or move forward.

We are divided about how to move forward. The most common division is between people who believe they had it better in the past and those who look to the future with hope. Neither side can easily relate to the other.

What is problematic is that we lack a middle ground where we can deal with hurting and harm (evil), regardless of what side anyone is on.

A binary and divided culture and society risk moving in the direction of escalating conflict. This can divide households, communities, and nations.


The solution to this is not democracy alone, but a Triadic way of living in which independence is universal. That means everyone would believe in tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy.

That is not the case today.

If people were triadic and submitted all decisions to these three values, there would still be real divisions. But they would be civil. They would commit to compromise until the best solution is found via trial and error. They would care about the good of all.

The triadic antidote does not appeal to those who like the buzz around intense partisanship, but it is the only cure that exists. The partisanship morphs into resentment. Because the margins are so small, each Person who embraces these values and pursues a triadic model of existence represents a huge victory for good in its battle with often all-too-rampant wrongdoing.