Many people would ask themselves why anyone in a committed relationship would want to have an affair. Well, according to recent studies and interviews there are many justifications given for cheating on a significant other. It is not as simple as black and white. The Reasons why someone would want to have an affair are numerous. For example, maybe someone is in a terrible and depressing marriage, and he or she can only find happiness and excitement through an affair. Another reason a person might be cheating on their partner could be related to how low their self-esteem is.

They might want to make sure that someone else, besides their partner, still finds them attractive.

What are the top reasons to why people cheat?

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research, there are many grounds for having an affair. However, the most popular justification is that they are not happy at all in their relationship. Reasons for this may vary. Someone could be in an abusive relationship or maybe the relationship just fizzled out. A very popular rationale given for people not being happy in their relationship is that they simply aren’t attracted to their partner anymore. Sometimes it's that they are attracted to someone else and they can’t keep it in their pants.

This would seem to often be the case since, after all, that is what the entire Ashley Madison website was set up for. In case you aren’t familiar, that is the website where married men can go to find an affair. A few years ago, there was a list of celebrity names, released to the internet, of married men who used Ashley Madison to cheat on their wives.

An example of one of these names would be Josh Duggar.

What is the bottom line in all of this?

The bottom line is that many people have affairs for different reasons and they can often be very complicated. In addition to the most popular grounds for having an affair which I listed above, (not being happy in your own relationship, there are many other justifications people might give for cheating on their significant other.

According to a recent study, a few other explanations given by cheaters for having an affair would be; they were just drunk and weren’t thinking clearly, they wanted to enhance their popularity with their social group, or they simply wanted to experiment. Ultimately, if you are having issues with your partner you should talk to them about it rather than cheat on them.