With the crescendo of the regular NFL season and the playoffs over, the Super Bowl is now less than a week away: the match between the underdog and the top dog. The top dogs are the New England Patriots and the underdogs are the Philadelphia Eagles. Are the Eagles truly the underdogs? Can the Patriots slip up? We will find out in less than a week this Sunday at 6:30 PM. However, here is a rundown with my opinion of why the Patriots will come out on top and what the Eagles would have to do to win.

Eliminated playoff teams

I thought that the New Orlean Saints would come out of it all, along with the Steelers, but unfortunate circumstances catapulted them both out.

The Vikings also disappointed after that tremendous victory against the Saints. Equally, the Pittsburgh Steelers could not get it done again with a stellar offense and the Kansas City Chiefs lost yet again. The Jaguars gave a good effort behind a brilliant defense but came up short. The Tennesse Titans on the other hand could not advance with their shaky offense like the Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills, and with Titans QB Mariota's slow development into a franchise-caliber signal-caller.

The birds rise

The Philadelphia Eagles have risen to the ranks to get to the Super Bowl, something I never expected. They deserve a great deal of respect because many, myself included, never thought that they could get to this point.

They were able to rush past the Atlanta Falcons and eviscerate the Minnesota Vikings.

What has made the Eagles so successful behind backup QB Nick Foles? They have been able to thrive behind dual-threat running backs in LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi. The team also has threats at receiver in Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, and Nelson Agholor.

Their defense is also much improved from years prior, but I still believe that they have a weakness on the outside and inside covering receivers.

Other players on the team have made their contributions. Nick Foles has stepped up to the plate big time and proven that he can take the spot of Carson Wentz. Many people did not think that the Eagles could get this far after the injury to Wentz.

My prediction

I believe the game will be competitive, but that the New England Patriots will come out on top and win their second straight. This team, In my opinion, can stifle the Eagles' offense and score points behind Tom Brady and brilliant mind Bill Belichick. I do not see the Patriots letting this one get away from them or slipping for that matter. The defense has come up in big moments and I believe that it will like it has in this year's playoffs and years before.

The Patriots will have to stop the run for them to have any chance of winning, though. They must make Foles throw the ball and have them try to win that way. The Patriots will have to capitalize on opportunities because the Eagles this post-season have had some turnovers that could have cost them the game.

For the Eagles to come out on top they would have to put extreme pressure on Tom Brady and sack him many times. They also must not turn the ball over. They should follow a game plan behind their rival the New York Giants, who were able to beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl.

I do not think that will happen but it is a possibility. My prediction is that the final score will be in the 20s with the Patriots winning by 7 or 3 points. They should take the Eagles seriously behind an explosive offense and a hunger to win their first ever Super Bowl. It would mean a lot to the city.

Being the loyal Giants fan that I am I do not like both teams, but I am rooting for the Patriots to win over the Eagles. I believe the Patriots' dynasty will continue and that Tom Brady and Belichick will bring home another Lombardi Trophy.