Even though the rumors about talk show host Oprah Winfrey running for president in 2020 may not be true, it still brings up an important point about how celebrity culture in America might be more powerful than we think. Even though Oprah might seem like a breath of fresh air compared to President Donald Trump, would it be worth it to have another celebrity in the Oval Office?

Celebrity culture in America

Celebrities in America are worshipped by loyal fans and seem to live in a dimension far away from the typical American. They command large amounts of influence, wealth, power, and have legions of fans that will cater to their every whim if simply given the chance.

Well-known actors, TV hosts, models, directors, and many other kinds of celebrities seem to have everything a typical American citizen could wish for, plus more, to the point where the news and media seem to focus on these people and the lives they live; no matter how unimportant or dull they may be.

Yet, as addicting and powerful as the culture may be, the spotlight on any given celebrity is fleeting since the eye of the public is always looking for the next big thing. How effective or how popular a celebrity is determines how long they remain in the public sphere of popularity. But soon enough, they will be relegated to the sidelines as a new celebrity comes in to refresh the taste buds of the public.

Naturally, no celebrity wants to fade out of the public eye, as they want to be famous for as long as they can. But what happens when the celebrity culture crosses over into realms they have no business being in in the first place?


Trump’s victory in the 2016 election came as a shock to many in a race that was (and still is) believed to have had some outside help.

Either way, the reality TV star and surprise guest at "WrestleMania 23" stunned the nation, and the world, when he beat Hillary Clinton on the night of November 8th, 2016. His policies so far have received mixed opinions, as is to be expected of any president; but his behavior, his conduct, and his surprising lack of maturity is unbecoming of what a president should be.

Yet, does somebody like Oprah have what it takes to fill the shoes of the presidency?

Almost anyone would be able to recognize Oprah’s smile and sunny outlook on life; but can America survive another celebrity president? It’s not a matter of whether they are more appealing to the public or whether they are more eloquently spoken than Trump. What should matter is how much experience they have, what their platform is, and whether they are able to stick to it and accomplish at least a quarter of what they want to do. Looks and a personality are not enough to suffice as president; there must also be some knowledge of how the system works from one who has experienced it.

Oprah 2020?

Whether it is true or not that Oprah may be running for president in 2020, we as Americans must ask ourselves whether she is the right choice for us.

While many may be fooled by her outgoing and charismatic personality, she has little to no experience in the field of politics, and would most likely fare no better than Trump. Yet, in an interview with Gayle King on CBS “This Morning,” Oprah announced that she planned not to run for any kind of office.

While this may be a smart move on her part, Donald Trump said the same thing back in the 1990s, and look what has happened since. Even though Oprah says she might not run for president now, that could change in the future. As of right now, the celebrity and sensationalist culture needs to stay out of politics, and out of important policymaking institutions. Hopefully, by the time the 2020 election comes around, there will be more sensible candidates to choose from.