Talk about ironic. The new book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff discusses how our current president is so fearful of being poisoned that he gorges on a Fast Food diet that would make any artery anxious. Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge in several areas, including fast food ingredients, chemical usage, and poisoning is more than evident.

Learning how to read

This is a simple thing, just read. If only Donald Trump would learn how imperative it is to read food ingredients when it comes to fast food. One such frightening ingredient that is banned in several other countries is Azodicarbonamide.

It has many concerned with potential ties to asthma and skin reddening for those who work with Azodicarbonamide. Once it is baked it produces two additional chemicals that are suspect in cases of cancer. This chemical is used as a dough conditioner in bread products, like the Big Mac bun, however, it is also used in the production of synthetic leather and plastics -- yum.

Wrap it up

If frightening ingredients do not cause you concern how about the use of PFCs, or perfluorinated chemicals? These sneaky grease suckers are found in fast food wrappers. Research indicates that these break down in the body into PFOA, which can remain in one’s bloodstream for years, and are linked to causing cancer, and damaging the liver, among other health issues.

Thankfully, the Food and Drug Administration banned three PFCs from food packaging in 2016.

You are not the only one

Fast food poisoning cases are not unheard of. All one must do is a bit of research to find several cases, old, and very recent. Sadly, Mr. Trump, McDonald’s is not immune to the courtroom when it comes to serving up “bad food” to unsuspecting hungry folks like yourself.

In 2015 a class action lawsuit was filed against McDonald’s Restaurant when customers were exposed to an employee with Hepatitis A. Over 1,000 people had to receive post-exposure treatment. Do not even get me started on the horror stories brought on by Chipotle and Jack N’ the Box.

Somebody call the doctor

It is a good thing Mr.

Trump is due for his first annual checkup. With the horrible, potentially dangerous fast food diet he is devoted to it is likely that his doctor will be seeing something redder than the rosacea on the president’s cheeks. No physician would ever claim that scarfing down daily Big Macs is healthy and not a cause for concern.

Sweet dreams

Remember, Mr. Trump, when you are having sweet dreams of burger patties slathered in Secret Sauce dancing in your head and Filet-of-Fish swimming in your mind, your food choices come with consequences. Regardless of how OCD you may be or how careful you think you are, Mr. President, harmful chemicals, dangerous packaging, and the hygiene habits of those around you are but one bite away.