One of the biggest stories of the week came on Thursday when a partisan vote repealed the Net Neutrality rules that were put in place during the Obama administration. After the news broke, conservatives were pleased, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who expressed his joy during a controversial post on Twitter.

Cruz on net neutrality

In an attempt to keep the internet free and open, former President Barack Obama put forward net neutrality in 2015 which prevented cable and internet providers from limiting access to certain websites and apps, while also stopping them from slowing down the speed that users need to a gain access to the sites in question.

Republicans argued that it limited business and providers from being able to tap into the internet and provide a wider range of coverage, though the consensus among most in the Untied States has been in support of the rules Obama put in place. Despite the backlash, a 3-2 decision was reached by the U.S. telecom regulators on Thursday and net neutrality was repealed. As expected, the news quickly went viral on social media, including an outburst of support from Ted Cruz who called out liberal "snowflakes" for being upset over the ruling during a tweet similar in tone of the president on December 14.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday night, Ted Cruz took a shot at liberals for their outrage over the repeal of net neutrality.

"Snowflake, believing online propaganda: 'OMG w/o net neutrality, the Internet is gone!'" Cruz wrote, in an attempt at mockery.

"Informed observer: 'You know, the FCC issued that rule in 2015.

The Internet grew up wonderfully free from govt regulation & this restores the status quo ante.' Snowflake: 'Uh, never mind...'" Ted Cruz concluded. Cruz's tweet was viewed as juvenile, with some even comparing the senator to President Donald Trump in regards to his post.

Twitter reacts

The response to Ted Cruz's Twitter attack in defense of the repeal of net neutrality went about as expected from his liberal critics.

"I don’t think attempting to tweet like Trump is a good look for you," one tweet read.

"This is a rough script man, I have a lot of notes.

Going to take a page 1 rewrite," TV show writer Zack Bornstein tweeted, before adding, "First thing, you're incredibly misguided, and have been since youth." "You probably never get invited to parties because you’re so awkward," one Twitter user stated.

"I think your Twitter account was better when it just liked p*rn," an additional tweet read. "Snowflake? How about some class, Senator?" a follow-up tweet stated. The negative reaction continued as Ted Cruz's attempt to tweet like Trump appeared to fail.